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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Man Crush of the Moment- Yeon Woo Jin! Part 2- GIFs

When I won a stuffed toy in the UFO Catcher machines this weekend after 100000 tries
YO I JUST MIGHT WATCH THIS DRAMA. He's so funny! Look at that expression

When someone takes a bite of your food without your permission

That smileee

Random but I thought PMYxJCW were the ultimate ship but TBH Seven Day Queen changed my mind so now PMYxYWJ are my ultimate ship. Like for reals!

Shy boy persona. TOO CUTE

Not a GIF but I COULDN'T HELP IT. Oppa is too handsome.
Run into your arms? *books $$$ ticket to South Korea ASAP*


So dynamic

That chin tilt thooo

Here's two links to the love flower that was between Yeok and Chaekyung of "Seven Day Queen". My favorite scenes HAD to be when he watched her doze off in her sedan chair and when he whistled her song to lure her outta her house (after she refused to meet him again).

Monday, August 21, 2017

Man Crush of the Moment- Yeon Woo Jin!

TBH I've noticed him since his "Marriage Not Dating" days but I couldn't find it in me to stick through with the drama cuz of the wishywashy-ness of the main female lead. So even this stud couldn't get me to complete the drama.

But recently I picked up "Queen for Seven Days" just to see Woo Jin and Park Min Young shine as a OTP and though they were in love with each other till the end, the ending was a bit anticlimatic and not as "sad" as I thought it would be. *Spoiler Alert* I really liked the dream sequence though when he dreamed they were together as a simple happy family raising kids together in a average house...that was darn cute to watch.

He caught my eye cuz look at that baby face! Yeah he's 33 right now but also 6'0''! I have a thing for tall guys and Woo Jin is no exceptionnnn. And he's aging so I hope he'll be able to settle down soon. Like even though in a dream world, ofc we all wanna be the wifeys to our idols but this is reality and I really like it when I find out a idol or actor I admire is dating or married or even has kids! When that happens I'd like to see his little family on "Return of Superman". Oh my gosh, you can tell he's gonna be an adorable dad!

I mean I even started watching "My Shy Boss" cuz he's the male lead and MAN is he doing a great job playing a shy, socially awkward turtle that looks hella good in his all black baggy clothes!
UH HEM. Anywho, I'll just fill the rest of this post with his pictures cuz we all need a bit of eye candy sometimes right?
IT'S PHOTO OP TIME! Click "See More" I know you want to 😉*Credits to all respective owners*

Saturday, August 19, 2017

CDrama OST: The Eternal Love 双世宠妃

Writing this post when I'm currently on episode 22! I just had to write this post because I am loving the OSTs quite a lot! Usually I only like 1 or 2 OSTs from Cdramas but man this drama has me hooked! Every moment I can't bear to look away in case I might miss something!

1) The emotional love scene BGM

2) My favorite OST from this drama! I like the style of the music. It has kind of a 90s cpop ballad feel to it! Also the singer's voice is very unique. 

3) Another BGM for sad scenes...mmm I think it played often when Xiao Tan and Tan Er were experiencing heart break of some kind

4) Another lovey dovey/heart break scene BGM

5) Another ballad for the books! I am such a sucker for balladsss~~

6) This was the cutesy BGM for love scenes! Had a chinese folk music sound to it? Wasn't a fan of it at first hear, but the OST grew on me as I listened to it more and more through out the drama

Thursday, August 17, 2017

CDrama- The Eternal Love 双世宠妃

Back at it again with the Cdramas! Sorry to say but I dropped that "Legend of the Dragon Pearl" after episode 4. The story was wayyy too slow and there was no "fire" between the leads so off I hopped to another ship, "The Eternal Love" one. I saw a 2 minute scene from Viki on my FB feed and KNEW I had to check it out! Besides I'm becoming a pretty huge fangirl of web novel adaptations and this is just one of them! My first one was "Go!  Princess Go!" and that was a HOOT to watch! Then it was "Princess WeiYoung" and my expectations fell down again. But it's back up with this one!

Surprise surprise, Yue Qi (real name: Xing Zhao Lin) aka Yuwen Yue's bodyguard in "Princess Agents" (had bright potential in the beginning but focused too much on war and revenge that it overshined the original star of the drama, Chu Qiao but whatevs I digress). And boyy is he handsome here! Imagine my surprise when I found out the actor was only 20! And already hitting the big screens! The female lead (played by: Liang Jie) isn't that much older either at 23!

I am loving Xiao Tan's persona! She's so fiery and brass and crude but also down to earth and a caring person at the same time. I wish it was a bit more like the novel where only Xiao Tan occupies the body rather than the current plot where both the original Miss and Xiao Tan switch randomly like when spazzing out or bumping their head onto things (like girll I hope you don't got a concussion later on in the drama).

KISSES GALORE! I'm only on episode 7 and I've already seen 2 or 3 kisses!! AHHH the PD is doing it right and know what kinda fan service drama lovers LOVEE to see. YESHHH thank you the drama lords for not making me wait a whole series without one dang kiss or hug! SKINSHIP SCENES FTW!

*8/18 11:30PM*

I just finished the drama and IT WAS A FUN RIDE lemme tell you that. Okay the costumes and set were a bit dull BUT who cares about that when the story is fantastic! Never was I bored! Sure maybe the villains would win 1-2 rounds but the good guys always came back twice as strong! I ended up really liking the twist of two souls in one body although I was a bit iffy about it at first since then there would be conflicts of interest in terms of love BUTTT the drama solved that problem for us early on instead of having us dwell on it so that we could focus on what's really important...Mo Lian Cheng and Qu Xiao Tan's love story! They even had a kid! 

And although Chengcheng had some amnesia when they both "died" and ended up in the celestial world for an episode, he quickly regained it back so our poor heroine didn't have to suffer for that long. It was such an enjoyable rom com to watch with a small sprinkling of angsty sad scenes of course. But this is IMO what all the web novel adaptations should strive to be like. The ending was friggin perfect. Don't even care that they defeated the bad guy so easily but HAPPY ENDING. I'm a sucker for them no matter how they get there. 

Also I got a chance to write a drama review post for the blog, DramaPanda so check THAT out too!

Sooo I've read news online about there being a season 2? YES PLEASE. Hello modern world (though I'll miss the ancient style of clothing for sure)

Monday, August 14, 2017

KDrama OST: Queen for Seven Days

Another drama review yay

Held off on this for the longest time after I finished my rotation just at the end of July. But I finally finished it! Though the ending took longer to happen than I wanted to progress at, I REALLY really liked the cute scenes Yeo Woo Jin and Park Min Young had together where they were just together and being in love and flirty and stuff. It was too cute to watch! 

Anyway, *spoiler alert* I waited the entire series to see the bae YWJ as king and it took almost 18 episodes to happen...while the crazy king was allowed to run free like a monkey with a pair of scissors in his hand. 

But really though they are couple goals but the truest OTP was JCW and PMY in "Healer" because that couple trusted each other above all else. But here...well loyalties flip flop every other episode so the main couple's trust in each other gains cracks in their pillar of love for each other BUT till the end they are each other's first and last love for sure. Though they can't be with each other till the very end of their lives cuz of fear of rumors and sabotage by villains...*cried a lot while watching the first half of this series*

Love love the OSTs! For sure, they fit each scene perfectly!

1) Showing their love for each other... 
JungGiGo - "Miss You in My Heart"

2) When they sacrifice for each other or missing each other...
Dear Cloud - "Love Again"

3) Chaekyung X Yeok OTP LoveyDovey Moments
Fromm - "When the Moonlight Shines on You"

4) More cutesy moments between the OTP
Yael Meyer

5) I think they played this for cutesy moments too. THERE WERE SO MANY SQUEAL worthy moments so I didn't mind one bit :3
WSJN- Dazzling You