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Friday, June 23, 2017

KBeauty- Yadah Anti T Pimple Spot Treatment

This is a sponsored post (cuz I reached out to BB Cosmetic and they kindly got in touch with me and sent me two items of my choice to test out and write a blog post on!). So the opinions are ALL my own!

1. Spot Pimple Cream
I was questionable as to whether this product REALLY works like it says it does. I can't read Korean but it seems to be made of natural ingredients. It smells a bit lemony (one of my favorite scents of the moment) and its got a lotion like texture to it.
I apply it to the emerging pimples or whiteheads with a Q-tip because although the package says you can just squeeze out the product and apply it to the trouble spot then rub it in with the rounded top applicator, it's a bit Q-TIPS! 
Final opinion-
I've used this quite a few tiny pimples for more than a month now and I have to say that it does help minimize scarring and help your pimple to heal faster. Now it's not going to be a miracle treatment where POOF your pimple is gone kind of magic act; you have to go to the dermatologist for that kind of magic.

2. Foaming Cleanser
I love the lemony scent all the Yadah products have! It comes out as foam from the bottle so a lot is actually just a little. The tiny sampler bottle lasted me a few months! I noticed that my skin did minimize the occurrence of pimples but didn't completely erradicate them. I have combination oily sensitive skin and this cleanser was very gentle for my use.
The other two samples I haven't been able to test them out yet as I'm still using my current toner and cream. But once I do I'll be sure to update the blog!

Thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Past Weekend Spring Break- Movie Marathon



Seventeen Again

Oldie but goodie- Our Times

Current Problem- To Buy or Not to Buy?

So from my latest post I have fallen hard to the boy/man that is Talu Wang. And I can't believeee he has a photo album that just came out April of last year!! OMG. Sadly thought that it was only available for sale in China and Taiwan BUT IT'S ALSO SOLD ON AMAZON! Shockers right?! Now I'm debating whether to splurge the $30 for the book or not...should I satisfy my obsession? I mean I don't know how long this crush will last but I give it at least a month so maybe...
Besides how can I say no after getting this sneak peek? Ohmygosh the coverrrr. He's calling me to buy the book. It would be even better if it was signed...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Man Crush of the Moment- Wang Ta Lu aka Darren Wang

I first saw this cutie in the film that really brought him to stardom "Our Times". It was such a cute movie and I was waiting the wholeee movie for at least one kiss or peck but sadly there was none. Anyway this past weekend I was browsing around randomly for Chinese movies to watch and stumbled upon "Seventeen Again" with Wallace Huo, Nini and...DARREN WANG! Omg when I saw him I was so surprised but also excited cuz I looked forward to his scenes in the movie the most! And he had the only kiss scene in the movie too with the main female lead. Ughhh he plays the bad boy role sooo well but off-screen he is such a lovable dork. Behold his cuteness~~ And he's only a 91 liner, a girl can dream right? 😉 That's my favorite hairstyle on him. He's sporting long hair recently for his newest role but I love the comb over on him SO HAWT YO. He's also just the right amount of musclessss. He got them but not too much so that he's popping out of shirts but he looks FLYYYY. 

Also you may have noticed I have a thing for guys with a nice jawline and tall guys. OMG TALL GUYS~~~ where is my tall prince?  I don't usually go for tan guys but DA LU YOU'RE THE EXCEPTION <3. Welp I'm probably gonna be spending this next month just searching up his movies and skipping forward to his scenes haha. 

How can a guy go from smexy to cute? He's the total packageeee. And I was watching the show with Show Luo, and he said his ideal girl was someone with manners and innocent and he chose an innocent girl over a sexy one. Also the boy is afraid of ghosts...HOW CUTE. If I ever see him in person OMGGGGG it would be awesome.

WHERE CAN I BUY THIS BOOK? Apparently its full of his picturesssss I'm so shameless :3

Sadly there aren't too many English interviews with him althought surprisingly he did represent Taiwan (?) at the Asian Music Awards for someee reason. Who was his stylist though? Made him have his hair long and wearing that weird green white coat? We all know our man or as instagram fans like to call him "Lao Da" can look FLYYY.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

KBeauty- The Face Shop's, Missha's, Nature's Republic Products I've Bought!

The Face Shop was the FIRST korean skincare line I've ever tried! That's partially because it was the only Korean skincare store in my area and this was before korean skin care brands ventured into the mainstream attention. So before my area got Nature Republic, Peach & Lily in Macy's, the Saem, TonyMoly, Amore, Clio and more, the Face Shop was the only place to go!

1) Nature's Republic Eyebrow Pencil- Dark Brown
The texture is really nice and really easy to apply! I wanted a softer brow look and these are perfect! Though I think I might try an even lighter color or light gray next time (which I ordered online) because my brows are still too dark for my liking. The brush is coarse and not soft at all >.<  


2) Missha Eyebrow Wood Pencil- Black
For on fleek brows, this is the perfect color if you have dark hair! But I'm not about that on fleek brow life so I don't use this much. Maybe when I get eye primer I could definitely try to use it as an eyeliner pencil!


3) The Face Shop Marker Lip Tint- Red
Great idea but it's very very drying sadly. Absolutely have to put on lip balm before applying this otherwise you end up with dry and cracked lips the next day. But the color doesn't hold well to the lip balm so it loses color. Great for adding color to your cheeks though!


4) Missha's BB Compact Cushion 21
Too white for my skin's color! This is for those who are very very fair skin or want to get that fair skin look. If you don't apply primer under this, the coverage is nice but it ends up looking cakey. I couldn't even scratch my face when it was itchy because I was afraid I would rub off the BB cream. Would not buy again. I'm just using the cushion for blending and the company mirror too.


5) Nature Republic's Glow Lip Lacquer- Vanilla Pink
The beauty enthusiast of all things kbeauty decided to buy this because it was on sale at my local Nature Republic for only $5! Though I doubt I'll ever use this since 1 coat doesn't provide enough coverage (too thin) and multiple coats just makes it too bright! It's like you're wearing a pink highlighter on your lips. Nice for going out to clubs or parties but not an everyday lip product.


6) Free Sample from Nature Republic- Aqua Toner!
Haven't tried this yet as I'm still using my Honey Toner from Skin Food and I still have a lot left!


Friday, January 20, 2017

KBeauty - Skin Food Haul!

First time I've ever posted about using Korean beauty products!

TLDR about my skin: I would say I'm on the lucky side in terms of skin problems. Rarely get pimples except when I indulge on sweets, junk food or am stressed out (school is the source of course). Oily T-zone, the rest of my face is more on the oily side than dry. Redness around my nose area. Eye bags (late night drama marathoning leggo). Smile lines (makes me old like an ahjumma). Super sensitive skin! Can't put on the normal makeup brands or lip products without my skin burning or tingling. So it's a lot more trial and error when it comes to trying skin care products.

Well actually I've always been a fan ever since I started watching kdramas and adored how naturally beautiful all the actresses looked. I really like that minimalist natural makeup look. Though I'm still slowly trying more skincare products first before I venture into makeup products. LET'S START!

1) Skin Food Rice Brightening Cleansing Oil-
I have been trying to get a cleansing oil FOREVER! Ever since I learned the benefits of it in helping to remove sunscreen! Many times even after I wash my face with my facial soap, I still feel the oily-ness of the sunscreen or the concealer I decided to put on. But with the first use of this cleansing oil, my skin felt smoother and cleaner! I'll be giving my final verdict in a month to see if this helps to clear up any blackheads or whiteheads on my skin. -- Update: LOVE how it removes all my makeup so that I don't have to use a makeup remover!

 2) Skin Food Royal Honey Good Toner-
So the saleslady recommended this to me saying it was good for sensitive skin. It was also 30% she may have been pushing me to get it since I assumed she would get some kind of sales bonus haha. Don't know if it's reallyy good but I'll try it for a month. First use: it did make my skin dry a lot faster...are toners supposed to do this? -- Update: my skin definitely feels firmer and smoother all around.

 3) Skin Food Tomato Sun Cream-
Haven't had a chance to use this out in the sunlight yet BUT I loved the texture of it! And how it smooths out once you rub it into your skin a bit more. Also it's not as thick as sunscreens I've used before (Blue Lizard, Shiseido, BananaBoat) which makes it easier to apply. Can't wait to use this! I was so excited to find this I bought two tubes! -- Update: Oh man. It DEFINITELY is not as easy to rub it into my skin as I though it was in the store! I have to rub REALLY hard in order for the sunscreen to not cast a white sheen on my face. Too bad I bought two tubes of this...

 4) LLang Self Clinic 3 Step Kit
Haven't tried this one yet either but I will comment here when I do! I was attracted to the $1 price tag and of course their spokesperson! Hopefully it'll work wonders on my skin! Super excited! Never tried any products from this line before. -- Update: Nope. Didn't work much. I guess I would have to use this consistently for at least a few months to get results.

5) Freebies!- Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam & LLang Hair Shampoo and Conditioner
Yay for freebies (I did spend over $50)- will review these when I decide to try them.
LLang Hair Stuff- Smells like perfume I once bought from the 99 cent store. Not a fan of the smell.