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Friday, September 8, 2017

KBeauty- Club Clio Warehouse Sale Haul!

Happened upon a Reddit post about a warehouse sale going on at a Club Clio near me! So of course I had to check it out!!

Managed to pick up 24 sheet masks and 3 lipsticks (I gave one to my friend) for only $24! What a bargain!!

The Cure- Brightening Mask (12)
Soo Ae- Tea Tree Masks (12)

I picked up their Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in the colors Pink Bloom and Irony. I did some swatches in store and I quite like how pigmented they were. I've been wanting to get lighter pink colors for a while now since I only had red lipsticks in my collection (well I only have 2 lipsticks total) but I thought a pinkish and orangey color were perfect for the style I want to go for. Orange could be doubled as a use for blush! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

KBeauty- Mizon Snail Eye Repair Cream

This was my haul from a JOLSE order. I had forgot to include the Mizon eye cream that I also purchased! 

It is definitely not a holy grail for sure...BUT it does help moisturize the eye area. You only need a tiny amount for the eye area so this tiny tube has lasted me for almost half a year already!
I think that creams can only go so far in terms of helping with eye bags and wrinkles near the eye area. It's more mechanical damage (smiling with the eyes etc) or lack of sleep (eye bagsss)

So I've been trying to improve on those and let's hope it'll work!

Now that school's starting up again, I'm going to probably be posting only two times a month...if I even get the time to purchase kbeauty products ^^

Monday, August 28, 2017

Phone Troubles

Felt like I put my hand over an open flame whenever my phone heated up....

Let me start off this post just to say that it is a rant/advice post and also ask the Apple gods "Why is this happening to me??" *brownie points if you get the song reference*

Lesson learned. Do not update your phone despite the monthly annoying notifications about how there's a new update available...

When I got a iphone6, being a newbie to the iPhone world of course I downloaded and installed the update when it notified me to...which led to my phone heating up like a furnace every time I used any app especially watching videos. 

Said goodbye to the 6 due to a trade in program and now I have the 7. I held off on updating for the longest time till Apple recently fixed a bug that allowed random people to hack into your phone simply if you had the Wifi on! We are progressing really fast technology wise in this century but hackers are also leveling up their hacking skills and using any unexploited means to do their stuff...

Any who this post is for those whose phone's have also started to heat up after an iOS update (like me). It's quite simple. I'm going to try to avoid taking my phone to the Genius Bar as long as I can because I've heard horror stories about how they break the home buttons, don't really know their stuff, or replace the screen without the customer's consent. So no thanks I'll stick to my simple way of fixing my phone's overheating problem!

1) Back up your phone on iTunes on your PC/laptop.
2) Go to "Settings > General > Reset" and erase EVERYTHING. This is essentially a factory reset aka when you want to sell your phone OR when your phone is having problems like me..
3) Then just restore your iPhone from the iTunes backup and you're good!

I found this really helpful site where it has a more in depth review of it. Go check it out!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Man Crush of the Moment- Yeon Woo Jin! Part 2- GIFs

When I won a stuffed toy in the UFO Catcher machines this weekend after 100000 tries
YO I JUST MIGHT WATCH THIS DRAMA. He's so funny! Look at that expression

When someone takes a bite of your food without your permission

That smileee

Random but I thought PMYxJCW were the ultimate ship but TBH Seven Day Queen changed my mind so now PMYxYWJ are my ultimate ship. Like for reals!

Shy boy persona. TOO CUTE

Not a GIF but I COULDN'T HELP IT. Oppa is too handsome.
Run into your arms? *books $$$ ticket to South Korea ASAP*


So dynamic

That chin tilt thooo

Here's two links to the love flower that was between Yeok and Chaekyung of "Seven Day Queen". My favorite scenes HAD to be when he watched her doze off in her sedan chair and when he whistled her song to lure her outta her house (after she refused to meet him again).

Monday, August 21, 2017

Man Crush of the Moment- Yeon Woo Jin!

TBH I've noticed him since his "Marriage Not Dating" days but I couldn't find it in me to stick through with the drama cuz of the wishywashy-ness of the main female lead. So even this stud couldn't get me to complete the drama.

But recently I picked up "Queen for Seven Days" just to see Woo Jin and Park Min Young shine as a OTP and though they were in love with each other till the end, the ending was a bit anticlimatic and not as "sad" as I thought it would be. *Spoiler Alert* I really liked the dream sequence though when he dreamed they were together as a simple happy family raising kids together in a average house...that was darn cute to watch.

He caught my eye cuz look at that baby face! Yeah he's 33 right now but also 6'0''! I have a thing for tall guys and Woo Jin is no exceptionnnn. And he's aging so I hope he'll be able to settle down soon. Like even though in a dream world, ofc we all wanna be the wifeys to our idols but this is reality and I really like it when I find out a idol or actor I admire is dating or married or even has kids! When that happens I'd like to see his little family on "Return of Superman". Oh my gosh, you can tell he's gonna be an adorable dad!

I mean I even started watching "My Shy Boss" cuz he's the male lead and MAN is he doing a great job playing a shy, socially awkward turtle that looks hella good in his all black baggy clothes!
UH HEM. Anywho, I'll just fill the rest of this post with his pictures cuz we all need a bit of eye candy sometimes right?
IT'S PHOTO OP TIME! Click "See More" I know you want to 😉*Credits to all respective owners*