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Friday, January 17, 2014


So I finally got the time to watch the film "Frozen" and it totally did not disappoint! I loved every minute of it from the start to the credits! I usually never stay for the credits but this time I did. The snowflake designs were just so gorgeous I wish I could have each one as a wallpaper for my computer for each day of the week! Yes, as you can tell, I have a thing for everything that has to do with winter. Well that's because winter's my favorite season! Yes yes it also comes with it's downsides like how it gets darker earlier and sometimes it's so cold I can't even feel my fingers or toes but still I LOVE WINTER! And this film was just so magical to watch especially the scene where Elsa builds her ice castle while singing "Let It Go". Man I had this song on repeat while studying for my finals! And I was SUPER excited to watch the film after Disney released the music video of "Let It Go".

It was just so magical I couldn't help but wish that the castle actually existed (although it might be very hard to maintain)...
Then I heard the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" and I loved how it showed both Elsa and Anna growing up and how Elsa pushes out Anna in order to protect her. But I kinda felt bad for Anna because she was lonely but then again so was Elsa... 
In the end, it was an AWESOME film and I think I'm going to go re-watch it a few times which is something I hardly do. 
I don't know if I need a disclaimer or not but I have one here anyway...kinda. I wasn't paid by Disney for my opinions and all opinions on this blog are my own. There :)

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band - Ep 15-16 (Finale)

Rather than cramming all the screenshots into one post, I've decided to spread them out over several posts. It's easier to edit that way ^,^ Prepare yourself for an onslaught of screenshots! By yours trulyy~

After the band officially disbands and is freed from HR Entertainment, Ji Hyuk is wayy down in the dumps and decides to go visit Byung Hee's grave. Byung Hee wanted them to share the same dream but Ji Hyuk's not so sure anymore that that's what everyone else wants as well...

These two lovebirds NEED to get back together ASAP. Look at him fondly looking at the sneakers she decorated for him, and which he wore on Eye Candy's debut stage. And her listening to his voice singing Seung Hoon's song. They obviously miss each other so GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY YA LOVEBIRDS. Ji Hyuk isn't binded by a contract anymore :)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band - Ep 8-14

I'm gonna try to finish this series before Friday! Maybe I'll order some korean fried chicken~~ I've been wanting to eat it lately cuz of the drama. And ramen. I've been wanting to go buy some ramen too. They make it seem like the most delicious food ever (in the drama). How can they eat all that ramen and still be healthy and fit? JEALOUS~

Look how handsome they all look. EYE CANDY INDEED! Sung Joon, our model turned actor, just like Kim Woo Bin!

Do they look like models or what? Especially L and Sung Joon <3

Their first recording! Finally getting to spread Byunghee's song to the world and it gets into the Top 10!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band - Ep 1-7

Screenshots galore! I didn't go as crazy as I did with "Gu Family Book", but I still took screenshots when I thought it was appropriate, haha.
I just HAD to take this screenshot. How hot does Sung Joon (known as Ji Hyuk in the drama) look here. And his voice, oh gosh, so smooth it can melt an ice cube~

Eye Candy members get even better valentine's day chocolates than the Strawberry Fields members? BOO YAH IN YOUR FACE. Okay, breathing in and out. I love it whenever Eye Candy one-ups those snobby Strawberry Fields.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Next KDrama - Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Experiencing drama withdrawal symptoms and what better way to cure them than to find another drama to watch? Sung Joon played "Gon" in "Gu Family Book", a man who gave his all for Yeo Wool but she only thought of him as a brother. A one-sided love. It seems like in this drama, that isn't so. In fact, he's in the lead male role! So that's pretty awesome because I think I need a little more of that charismatic face in my life (before I head back to school). So I'm going to try to finish all 16 (?) episodes in 2 days. Let's see how this goes~

Intro to members of Eye Candy! (as of episode 2 - I know the current leader dies soon courtesy of Wikipedia and my own curiosity)
First impression: My gosh, they are all seriously eye candy... Then again, I'm just here for Sung Joon and L from Infinite. 
First impression: This is like a live-adaptation of a manga. Their personalities and their actions are straight out of a manga! I like reading mangas like this but seeing them re-enacted with real people is kinda strange.

Left- leader of the band, Joo Byung Hee; Right- guitarist, Kwon Ji Hyuk

Left- Kim Ha Jin, bassist; Right- Seo Kyung Jong, keyboard

Left- Lee Hyun Soo, guitarist; Right- Jang Do Il, drummer

Still kinda new to this whole recapping drama thing (I'll probably be nowhere close to dramabeans level anytime soon) but I'll try my bestest ^^ Well it's kinda become less of a recap and more of a "let's just take a screenshot whenever I think the moment's right"

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gu Family Book - Moments (Ep 14-24)

Kang Chi sees a beautiful Yeo Wool (she was pretty already and now even prettier) during a busy Lantern Festival.

The Four Noble Masters! And Master Dam. I knew about Teacher Gong Dal and Tae Seo early on but I was so surprised at Gon and the head gisaeng's appearance! 

Demon or divine creature, Choi Jin Hyuk as Go Wol Ryung was smexy either way. How could a demon look so hot? It was kind of a pulse racing moment when he gently lifted Yeo Wool's chin like this. Look at that hot smirk of his! I read in an online article somewhere that he was really nervous and stressed out about portraying his role as Wol Ryung in this drama well and I have to say that he was worried for nothing because he was absolutely terrific! Every scene where he cried, I cried with him too.

Here's Choi Jin Hyuk's awesome cover of the song "Best Wishes to You". I cried when he was betrayed by Seo Hwa and that he didn't try to preserve his divine creature status and willingly accepted his fate to become a 1000 year demon. He even tried to become human for her even though he failed during the last ten days because Seo Hwa absolutely had to go far away from the hidden "Moonlight Garden" to the forest to go pick herbs. What does she need herbs for anyone? Couldn't Wol Ryung just have grown her a little forest of herbs right there?

Gu Family Book - Moments (Ep 5-13)

After finishing "Reply 1994", I was floating around looking for a drama to watch. I watched a bit of "Heartstrings", it didn't capture my interest, then a bit of "Inborn Pair", too many episodes and I didn't feel much for the female lead, and tried to watch "Reply 1997" but I just wasn't feeling the same about it as I felt about "Reply 1994", so I decided to give "Gu Family Book" a try and I am hooked! 

I didn't think of making a blog post on this drama until somewhere around episode 5 but I did watch the previous episodes and wished I could have taken screenshots of the interactions between Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung.

I think the reason Won Ryul is included in the poster is because after Seo Hwa betrayed him, he became a 1000 year demon, thus why he's wearing that black clothing. Oh gosh, I hope Kang Chi doesn't have to kill him or something :( That would be too sad. I really want a loveline to happen between Yeo Wool and Kang Chi but I can't help but feel bad for Chung Yo(?), the girl that Kang Chi loves. I don't want her to become a state geisha...Anyways, here is just a compilation of the screenshots of certain moments in the series. 

This was when Dam Yeo Wool first met Choi Kang Chi. Kang Chi protect Yeo Wool from a seemingly vicious dog so instead of the dog biting Yeo Wool, it bit Kang Chi. Yeo Wool remembers Kang Chi the exact moment they meet, but to her dismay he doesn't remember her because he only has eyes for Cheong Jo at that moment. He mistakens Yeo Wool as a mister which is such a funny misunderstanding.

Cheong Jo professes her love for Kang Chi and Kang Chi shows that he also likes her. Too bad they couldn't be together because she had an arranged marriage with an assistant prime minister. But that eventually falls through...

Tae Seo goes to ask Joong Wan (?) [the main evil guy that everyone has a grudge against] why he sent assassin after his father, Park Moo Sool. Here, Tae Seo is still very headstrong and doesn't really think out his actions before acting upon them. He was a very brash person who acted on impulse but later he really grows and matures into a smart young man who no longer gets played by JW, instead he plays JW.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

OSTs of "Reply 1994"

I had heard all the hype about "Reply 1994"'s predecessor, "Reply 1997", so I decided to give Reply 1994 a try. And it was an amazing drama, although I felt it was a bit dragged out towards the end, the beginning was great! I decided to watch this drama because of a Reply 1994 OST cover done by JunCurryAhn on Youtube. The cover was so soothing that I listened to it as I studied for my finals. 

Juncurryahn's cover
The actual song

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Secret Garden & Reply 1994 - Second Male Leads Never Get the Girl

First post on new blog. So nervous!

Anyway, onto what this post is really supposed to be about..the Korean drama "Secret Garden"! It came out in 2010 and finished airing in 2011. I went on a drama-watching marathon and finished 20 episodes in 2 days. In 2010, I had heard the hype about this drama but I was too busy with schoolwork so I managed to get an idea of what happened in the drama based off of episodes recaps by the dramabeans website. 

But man! I loved the entire series. Why didn't I watch this earlier? Even though Kim Joo Won was a snobbish rich jerk in the beginning, I loved how he chased after Gil Ra Im despite her poor status. She totally changed him. What do they say about people in love? Opposites attract? Or is it that when you're in love, your other half will change you. Is there really love in a relationship when either partners (?) doesn't change for the other. Ra Im changed for Joo Won, and Joo Won changed for Ra Im. I've always thought that it was better for a man to be in love with a woman first, because then he won't leave her as easily?

Ra Im and the director

Chil Bong (our lovesick puppy) and Na Jeung

Here I didn't really feel much for the second male contender for Ra Im's love, since Ra Im never thought of the director in that way before. So there was never a chance in the first place. The same can't be said for what happened in  "Reply 1994" (MY CHILBONG-AHH! - I will probably devote a post to how I have become Yoo Yeon Seok's fan after his Chilbong part in Reply 1994 and how I felt about the drama...getting back on topic now!)

Reply 1994! (CHILBONGxNAJEUNG bias)

Why am I drawing parallels between Reply 1994 and Secret Garden in my mind, I don't know why but I'll write them here anyway. Why does it seem that the main male lead always has had "experience" in the dating world, while the main female lead seems to be a newbie. Ra Im never had a boyfriend before Joo Won came into her life, but Joo Won (which we found out later in the drama) did date quite a lot in his 20s. In Reply 1994, Trash dated a lot of girls before he fell for Na Jeung but for Na Jeung, Trash was her first boyfriend. 

Okay, I think I'm going to end this post now before it becomes a whole essay. Haha.