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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gu Family Book - Moments (Ep 14-24)

Kang Chi sees a beautiful Yeo Wool (she was pretty already and now even prettier) during a busy Lantern Festival.

The Four Noble Masters! And Master Dam. I knew about Teacher Gong Dal and Tae Seo early on but I was so surprised at Gon and the head gisaeng's appearance! 

Demon or divine creature, Choi Jin Hyuk as Go Wol Ryung was smexy either way. How could a demon look so hot? It was kind of a pulse racing moment when he gently lifted Yeo Wool's chin like this. Look at that hot smirk of his! I read in an online article somewhere that he was really nervous and stressed out about portraying his role as Wol Ryung in this drama well and I have to say that he was worried for nothing because he was absolutely terrific! Every scene where he cried, I cried with him too.

Here's Choi Jin Hyuk's awesome cover of the song "Best Wishes to You". I cried when he was betrayed by Seo Hwa and that he didn't try to preserve his divine creature status and willingly accepted his fate to become a 1000 year demon. He even tried to become human for her even though he failed during the last ten days because Seo Hwa absolutely had to go far away from the hidden "Moonlight Garden" to the forest to go pick herbs. What does she need herbs for anyone? Couldn't Wol Ryung just have grown her a little forest of herbs right there?

Joseon Power Rangers (yes I know Rooftop Prince is famous for their Joseon Power Rangers quartet)

Man, this kid was so cute I just wanted to pinch his cheeks. Stayed a pure hearted kid through the whole drama.

Kang Chi proved to JW that he wouldn't turn into a monster after his bracelet was off. He was counting that Yeo Wool would sneak out from her lessons on how to be a good wife (because she got betrothed to Tae Seo cuz Yeo Wool's dad learned about how if Yeo Wool and Kang Chi came together one of them would die) to be there for Kang Chi and stop his transformation from happening. 

I thought this scene was soo cute cuz it was like he was slowly beginning to admit his feelings for her. And Suzy looked so pretty in her hanbok. Her dress has the same flower as the one Kang Chi gives her. I gotta say, that power to grow plants was pretty cool. Just wished that Kang Chi could have used it more to his advantage. It was kinda like a super power of sorts.
Wol Ryung (revived as a demon) meets the bad guys, JW's lackeys. I seriously don't know why that guy in the middle does whatever JW tells him to do, it's as if HE's the one under hypnosis. I really wanted this guy to be gone already but nope, he just had to crawl back from the dead even after Wol Ryung deals with him.
Kang Chi thinks that Wol Ryung kidapped Yeo Wool in order to fulfill his promise that he would destroy everything Kang Chi holds dear, if he didn't give up his quest to become a human (because of Wol Ryung's bad experience with Seo Hwa). But actually Wol Ryung kind of saves Yeo Wool from JW's underlings. When Kang Chi declares to Wol Ryung that Yeo Wool is HIS woman, Wol Ryung remembers when he screamed out that Seo Hwa was his woman when JW was taking her away from him (since she was sold as a state gisaeng and thus shouldn't be on the loose like that). I really felt Wol Ryung's emotions here, his acting was really good.
First kiss between Yeo Wool and Kang Chi! The blue twinkling magical lights just made the moment that much more magical and wonderful. Ahh love~ 
Finally we meet Seo Hwa again, back to Korea this time as the head of a Japanese merchant group. Turns out she didn't die after trying to kill JW. Instead she was taken as the wife of a Japanese merchant. I thought they would have used the same actress to play an older version of Seo Hwa but they used a different one which is why I didn't recognize her when the camera showed her eyes. But I really liked this actress because she really portrayed all the emotions her character was supposed to be feeling, really well. Even when she had no lines, the emotions on her face were loud enough.
How cutee~ They were pretending to bicker.
Gon is another smexy dude. Even though in the end, it was just a one sided love.
Yeo Wool manages to kick ass despite being blindfolded. That was an awesome fighting scene to watch! Wish I could do that...
Haha! The trio hiding out in Cheong Jo's room. Omigosh, Kang Chi and Gon wearing those skirts was just too funny to watch! They had to sneak out of the 100 Year Inn without suspicion. 
Cheong Jo rips one into Wol Sun (a really mean gisaeng who thinks she's all that) by giving her Chihon wine which is like a poison wine. Lesson: You should not mess with Cheong Jo.
Yeo Wool to the rescue! She comes to save Kang Chi from JW's evilness.
Kang Chi's mom, Seo Hwa, back in Joseon clothing.
Kang Chi defends Seo Hwa from Wol Ryung (in his almost-demon form). The two lovers meet again~
Kang Chi has let his mom go (to kill Wol Ryung).
Seo Hwa does what Wol Ryung couldn't do 20 years old; stab her heart with that dagger made of the Hawthorne tree. This was how Seo Hwa finally shows her love for Wol Ryung, gumiho and all. Wol Ryung is transformed back into a divine creature at the cost of her death. I cried a lot whenever they had scenes together because their love was so great and yet so tragic and sad.
Totally a badass scene when the admiral reveals that he got Tae Seo to trick JW into killing the eleven traitors (people who were working with the Japanese to sell out the nation).
Wol Ryung (back in his good guy form) formally meets Kang Chi for the first and last time. As he leaves, Kang Chi says "I might miss you...very occasionally". It was really sad to watch :( Another farewell.
Wol Ryung decides to "die" with Seo Hwa. Their two bodies get covered up with plants and the cave is also sealed with plants. A happy sad ending. He gets to be with her forever but only in death.
The hanbok (?) she was wearing was just so pretty I couldn't help myself from taking a screenshot. Hee~ And cute little Yeo Wool doesn't want to be defenseless anymore.
Yeo Wool gets saved from a huge spiky ball falling on her head...only to get shot. The stupid deputy was aiming for the admiral but missed and shot Yeo Wool instead. JW still thinks he all great and that, even going as far as to declare that he's a traitor to the nation. Luckily the admiral brought heavy back up and it was an awesome scene to finally watch JW get busted for his many evil deeds. The Japanese merchants leave too, not wanting to continue staying on JW's sinking ship. But Yeo Wool... :( 
The last family dinner Yeo Wool has...everyone tried to make things lively and happy but when Yeo Wool starts to feel pain from her wound, everyone starts crying and becomes sad especially when she starts apologizing to her dad.
Their last kiss... :(
Yeo Wool's gone...poor Kang Chi
The flower's dead too...
He decides to continue living as a divine creature until he finds Yeo Wool's reincarnation again. The final farewell. I hope Tae Seo managed to get the inn back and his sister back. But maybe his sister would get to become head gisaeng someday. She would be good at it. Maybe.
The flower revives!
Fast forward to 2013, where Kang Chi is alone and the president of some major company. He's rich but he still keeps a little token from each of the four noble masters. Yeo Wool's sword, Gon's sword with cherry blossom symbol, the head gisaeng's orchid scarf thingy, Tae Seo's block with the chrysanthemum on it (his dad was the previous master of that symbol) and Gong Dal (bamboo).
We see a few of the people from Kang Chi's past and then we meet Yeo Wool again...
Kang Chi is bursting with happiness inside...except Yeo Wool got a gun pointed at him. I think she's a police officer or something. It seems like it. The even cuter part is that in 2013, her name is still Yeo Wool. He's a happy happy man right now!
And we suppose that they live happily ever after (because now technology is all advanced and stuff, so let's just hope they got married and had quarter gumiho babies <3).
The End. Or so I thought...
Not the end! Surprise surprise! Gon makes an appearance as a national agent and whose behind him? The admiral! I'm hoping for a season two as well~
It was a nice run with you, Gu Family Book.