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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gu Family Book - Moments (Ep 5-13)

After finishing "Reply 1994", I was floating around looking for a drama to watch. I watched a bit of "Heartstrings", it didn't capture my interest, then a bit of "Inborn Pair", too many episodes and I didn't feel much for the female lead, and tried to watch "Reply 1997" but I just wasn't feeling the same about it as I felt about "Reply 1994", so I decided to give "Gu Family Book" a try and I am hooked! 

I didn't think of making a blog post on this drama until somewhere around episode 5 but I did watch the previous episodes and wished I could have taken screenshots of the interactions between Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung.

I think the reason Won Ryul is included in the poster is because after Seo Hwa betrayed him, he became a 1000 year demon, thus why he's wearing that black clothing. Oh gosh, I hope Kang Chi doesn't have to kill him or something :( That would be too sad. I really want a loveline to happen between Yeo Wool and Kang Chi but I can't help but feel bad for Chung Yo(?), the girl that Kang Chi loves. I don't want her to become a state geisha...Anyways, here is just a compilation of the screenshots of certain moments in the series. 

This was when Dam Yeo Wool first met Choi Kang Chi. Kang Chi protect Yeo Wool from a seemingly vicious dog so instead of the dog biting Yeo Wool, it bit Kang Chi. Yeo Wool remembers Kang Chi the exact moment they meet, but to her dismay he doesn't remember her because he only has eyes for Cheong Jo at that moment. He mistakens Yeo Wool as a mister which is such a funny misunderstanding.

Cheong Jo professes her love for Kang Chi and Kang Chi shows that he also likes her. Too bad they couldn't be together because she had an arranged marriage with an assistant prime minister. But that eventually falls through...

Tae Seo goes to ask Joong Wan (?) [the main evil guy that everyone has a grudge against] why he sent assassin after his father, Park Moo Sool. Here, Tae Seo is still very headstrong and doesn't really think out his actions before acting upon them. He was a very brash person who acted on impulse but later he really grows and matures into a smart young man who no longer gets played by JW, instead he plays JW.

The first time we see Kang Chi transform into his gumiho side after his bracelet gets removed. This was shortly after the man who took him in, Park Moo Sool, gets stabbed instead of Kang Chi.

The cart holding Park Moo Sool's body doesn't budge even when many try to push it. It was sad to see everyone bowing as his dead body passed by because they all respected him that much since he was such a generous rich man which wasn't the norm back then.

Kang Chi's bracelet broke in the forest as he was being confronted by JW's guards. He turns into full gumiho/beast mode. The subs on viki translated it as "divine creature" mode, like his dad except that Kang Chi can't transform back and worth at will without the bracelet. Later, Yeo Wool becomes his bracelet and eventually he manages to learn how to control it without the bracelet or Yeo Wool by his side.

Kang Chi's first beast transformation.
When Gon found them in this pose, it was seriously so funny because Gon knows that Yeo Wool is a girl but Kang Chi keeps thinking that Yeo Wool is a guy.

Navy Admiral to the rescue!

It was so awesome to see Kang Chi break JW's table with a broom handle. It sure scared the living daylights out of JW. One thing I didn't quite get was why that lacky of his (Deputy Seo) always kept by his side and did his biding...I wished we were shown his back story. He was just evil for no reason at all. 

Accidental boob grab by Kang Chi. Yet he still doesn't figure out he's actually a she.

Had to take a screenshot of this just cuz it was pretty cool seeing Yoo Yeon Seok's sword fighting skills. I became a fan of his after his role of Chilbong in "Reply 1994"

I thought the head gisaeng of Choohwagwan was a pretty awesome lady. It was such a surprise when it was revealed that she was one of the four noble masters. That was so cool! And I loved how she's so badass about so many things. Even though she didn't have any fighting skills, she certainly made up for it with her cunning smarts. In this shot, she's offering her head to JW so that he will not get to take Cheong Jo's first time since that day the gisaeng house decided not to take any customers. Too bad, Kang Chi kidnaps Cheong Jo since Tae Seo asked him to save her. They all flee to the forest, and like in typical running away scenes, the female will always trip on something when running. Always. Never the males. Just the females.

It was sad for Yeo Wool to see her crush, Kang Chi, hugging another girl. But that's okay because she eventually got the guy in the end.

Tae Seo betrays Kang Chi. I think this was during when he was still under his hypnosis by Deputy Seo. Tae Seo was beaten unconscious and then hypnotized by Deputy Seo to believe that Kang Chi wast the one who killed Park Moo Sool, not Deputy Seo and to kill Kang Chi as soon as he saw him. He eventually overcomes it later when the strength of his friendship with Kang Chi breaks the hypnosis.

Yeo Wool manages to get Kang Chi to change back to his human form even though Kang Chi still likes Cheong Jo. Her unwavering defense of him was awesome and so cute to watch. Especially when they linked hands.

Just some inspirational words by Yeo Wool.

Cheong Jo finally regisiters as a gisaeng. I thought she looked reallyy pretty.

Yeo Wool waiting for Kang Chi to come to the Lantern Festival. He had went to see Cheong Jo after she registered as a gisaeng but she turned him away probably because she was still afraid of the beast side of him. But even though Yeo Wool ran away in fear at first, she came to accept him because she said that no matter what he was still Choi Kang Chi. Ahhh true love.

Yeo Wool finally wearing female clothing! And it was really prettyy. Kang Chi was shocked at this "new" Yeo Wool that he even called her clothing "weird" which I thought was kind of insulting. Why couldn't he just say "You're pretty"? But that was just part of the plot line. How she fell for him ever since he saved her from a dog (during which he also asked "Will you be my bride?" to her) till now when they meet again. He slowly grows to care for her and love her back. Onto the second half of the drama series!