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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Next KDrama - Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

Experiencing drama withdrawal symptoms and what better way to cure them than to find another drama to watch? Sung Joon played "Gon" in "Gu Family Book", a man who gave his all for Yeo Wool but she only thought of him as a brother. A one-sided love. It seems like in this drama, that isn't so. In fact, he's in the lead male role! So that's pretty awesome because I think I need a little more of that charismatic face in my life (before I head back to school). So I'm going to try to finish all 16 (?) episodes in 2 days. Let's see how this goes~

Intro to members of Eye Candy! (as of episode 2 - I know the current leader dies soon courtesy of Wikipedia and my own curiosity)
First impression: My gosh, they are all seriously eye candy... Then again, I'm just here for Sung Joon and L from Infinite. 
First impression: This is like a live-adaptation of a manga. Their personalities and their actions are straight out of a manga! I like reading mangas like this but seeing them re-enacted with real people is kinda strange.

Left- leader of the band, Joo Byung Hee; Right- guitarist, Kwon Ji Hyuk

Left- Kim Ha Jin, bassist; Right- Seo Kyung Jong, keyboard

Left- Lee Hyun Soo, guitarist; Right- Jang Do Il, drummer

Still kinda new to this whole recapping drama thing (I'll probably be nowhere close to dramabeans level anytime soon) but I'll try my bestest ^^ Well it's kinda become less of a recap and more of a "let's just take a screenshot whenever I think the moment's right"