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Thursday, January 9, 2014

OSTs of "Reply 1994"

I had heard all the hype about "Reply 1994"'s predecessor, "Reply 1997", so I decided to give Reply 1994 a try. And it was an amazing drama, although I felt it was a bit dragged out towards the end, the beginning was great! I decided to watch this drama because of a Reply 1994 OST cover done by JunCurryAhn on Youtube. The cover was so soothing that I listened to it as I studied for my finals. 

Juncurryahn's cover
The actual song
Then when break finally came, I decided to start watch Reply 1994. It took me about a week to finish all 21 episodes, probably because I was loading them on instead of streaming them on viki or dramafever (if dramafever even has it...). And the OSTs have become my current favs.
When I first heard this song in the drama, it felt sort of like a blast to the past. I often enjoyed listening to old Chinese songs when I was younger and this song definitely had that same 80s or 90s vibe to it that you don't really hear much of in modern music. It's got like this smoothness to it that I can't really describe all that well. It's the perfect music for like chillaxing on a Saturday afternoon or something.

The actor who plays Chilbong is my bias, Yoo Yeon Seok :) As I was experiencing drama withdrawal, I found an article on soompi or allkpop that said that the actors who played Chilbong, Trash, and Haitai (respectively LOL) were going to do a cover of this song....and I went off to youtube to search for it like a maniac...and I found it! I just love Yeon Seok's voice, yes I have become part of his fan club. This song just seems like a happy upbeat song (but that's just based on the tune of the song, I didn't read the lyric translations yet)

*Could not find a Youtube video to embed of her song; if curious, please visit Youtube!*

One of my favorite scenes between Najeung and Chilbong, the egg cracking incident. I was rooting for Najeung to fall for Chilbong during the hiatus between her and Trash but I think everyone knew that there was only Trash oppa in her heart forever and always, that Chilbong didn't even stand a chance. I'm glad he was a married man in 2013, but still, his innocent first love rejecting him was just so heartbreaking. And when he cried alone in the baseball stadium, my heart broke and I cried along with him. Anyways, onto the song, I really like Lia Kim's voice. It's kinda low and has this tough-edgy vibe to it. 

This song usually played during moments when all the members of the Shinchon boarding house were together and I loved it when you were all together because the interactions were sometimes hilarious to watch! One of the funniest scenes from the drama had to be when Najeung's dad had to pee but kept missing the exit to get off the Seoul highway. Anyways, the first guy who starts singing, his voice is so like soft and smooth. It's almost as if I'm in a cafe somewhere drinking some nice lattes or hot chocolate.

I don't really remember the scenes when this song was playing but since it's an OST I'm just including it with the rest :)

How could I forget Go Ara's cover of "Start"? She's got really pretty hazel eyes :) And was great in this drama. 
And finally, the entire album! (I hope this doesn't get taken down anytime soon, that would be a bummer; it did get taken down so I'll remove it :P)

It was a blast watching these cute college romances unfold since I'm in college too. To first loves!