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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Secret Garden & Reply 1994 - Second Male Leads Never Get the Girl

First post on new blog. So nervous!

Anyway, onto what this post is really supposed to be about..the Korean drama "Secret Garden"! It came out in 2010 and finished airing in 2011. I went on a drama-watching marathon and finished 20 episodes in 2 days. In 2010, I had heard the hype about this drama but I was too busy with schoolwork so I managed to get an idea of what happened in the drama based off of episodes recaps by the dramabeans website. 

But man! I loved the entire series. Why didn't I watch this earlier? Even though Kim Joo Won was a snobbish rich jerk in the beginning, I loved how he chased after Gil Ra Im despite her poor status. She totally changed him. What do they say about people in love? Opposites attract? Or is it that when you're in love, your other half will change you. Is there really love in a relationship when either partners (?) doesn't change for the other. Ra Im changed for Joo Won, and Joo Won changed for Ra Im. I've always thought that it was better for a man to be in love with a woman first, because then he won't leave her as easily?

Ra Im and the director

Chil Bong (our lovesick puppy) and Na Jeung

Here I didn't really feel much for the second male contender for Ra Im's love, since Ra Im never thought of the director in that way before. So there was never a chance in the first place. The same can't be said for what happened in  "Reply 1994" (MY CHILBONG-AHH! - I will probably devote a post to how I have become Yoo Yeon Seok's fan after his Chilbong part in Reply 1994 and how I felt about the drama...getting back on topic now!)

Reply 1994! (CHILBONGxNAJEUNG bias)

Why am I drawing parallels between Reply 1994 and Secret Garden in my mind, I don't know why but I'll write them here anyway. Why does it seem that the main male lead always has had "experience" in the dating world, while the main female lead seems to be a newbie. Ra Im never had a boyfriend before Joo Won came into her life, but Joo Won (which we found out later in the drama) did date quite a lot in his 20s. In Reply 1994, Trash dated a lot of girls before he fell for Na Jeung but for Na Jeung, Trash was her first boyfriend. 

Okay, I think I'm going to end this post now before it becomes a whole essay. Haha.