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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band - Ep 1-7

Screenshots galore! I didn't go as crazy as I did with "Gu Family Book", but I still took screenshots when I thought it was appropriate, haha.
I just HAD to take this screenshot. How hot does Sung Joon (known as Ji Hyuk in the drama) look here. And his voice, oh gosh, so smooth it can melt an ice cube~

Eye Candy members get even better valentine's day chocolates than the Strawberry Fields members? BOO YAH IN YOUR FACE. Okay, breathing in and out. I love it whenever Eye Candy one-ups those snobby Strawberry Fields.

I sooo thought that Eye Candy was going to win, they even had the better song! But nooo Strawberry Fields won. And what kind of band name is Strawberry Fields?! Too bad that Hyun Soo had a cut on his hand and couldn't do the guitar solo he practice so hard for. It was even sadder when we learned that he learned how to play guitar for Ji Hyuk because Ji Hyuk kind of abandoned him for Byung Hee and the guitar. But they were somehow disqualified? I don't know...

Hyun Soo just blew up on Yerim but it wasn't like it was her fault that her van almost hit him causing him to get a cut on his hand...but it wasn't like it was his fault either because he had to carry his sister somewhere (she looked like she was sick). Even though it's not the right moment, L just looked soo hot here with that glare.

When Soo Ha said that the song Sung Joon wrote made her feel warm inside (not knowing that Ji Hyuk was the one who sang it). And look at Ji Hyuk smiling that cute smile at her. Aww he's totally in love with her.

The view from Ji Hyuk's rooftop apartment! I thought it looked sooo pretty~

First kiss! 

...but it turns out that she doesn't "like" him in that way, instead she says she just felt sorry for him in that moment. Aww a heartbroken Ji Hyuk who manages to bounce back quickly and go on like nothing's awkward between them (but it totally is with them avoiding each other's gazes in the hallway). Look at that light pink light behind them, the perfect moment...ruined by Soo Ha's "pity" for Ji Hyuk.

He is literally serenading her (after she lost her ipod with the song on it). How cute is he? Bad boy on the outside, softie on the inside. I can't stop thinking that he's like a character that walked straight out of a manga.

When HR entertainment CEO only wants to sign Hyun Soo and Ji Hyuk for a contract, Ji Hyuk decides to march up to her face and tear it up like a badass! You go Ji Hyuk! Friends over fame~