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Friday, January 17, 2014

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band - Ep 15-16 (Finale)

Rather than cramming all the screenshots into one post, I've decided to spread them out over several posts. It's easier to edit that way ^,^ Prepare yourself for an onslaught of screenshots! By yours trulyy~

After the band officially disbands and is freed from HR Entertainment, Ji Hyuk is wayy down in the dumps and decides to go visit Byung Hee's grave. Byung Hee wanted them to share the same dream but Ji Hyuk's not so sure anymore that that's what everyone else wants as well...

These two lovebirds NEED to get back together ASAP. Look at him fondly looking at the sneakers she decorated for him, and which he wore on Eye Candy's debut stage. And her listening to his voice singing Seung Hoon's song. They obviously miss each other so GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY YA LOVEBIRDS. Ji Hyuk isn't binded by a contract anymore :)

I just thought that this was a REALLY nice drawing of Ji Hyuk. They must have hired an awesome artist for this drawing.

That's right...spill everyone to Silva the manager. Who knew that she was such a light drinker hehe~ All the secrets are slowly being revealed! (like how Ji Hyuk sacrificed the band for Hyun Soo)

We finally get to see what Ji Hyuk's mom looks like. It's obvious that relations aren't good between them. He doesn't want to see her because basically she chose money over him and now she wants him to go abroad to study music but Ji Hyuk's having none of it. He coldly dismisses her while saying he doesn't have a mom anymore. It was cold but I get it. She didn't even show that she "really" cared for him besides the parental consent needed for the HR contract. It seems like she re-married into a wealthy family and basically abandoned Ji Hyuk for her new family...poor guy :(

Hyun Soo finally learns the truth about what Ji Hyuk did for him and he runs off to confront Ji Hyuk about it...

After staring blankly into space for a few days and being down in the dumps, Ji Hyuk finally snaps on them. It was totally tough for Ji Hyuk to take over Byung Hee's leader role so suddenly. He never planned to be a leader for the group but the role was pushed onto him anyway. Gosh, I felt so bad for him cuz he wanted to hang out with the guys and eat ramen but they all said they couldn't go with him. He's already lonely enough with Soo Ha...

Yerim you go girl! She doesn't stop trying to get a date with Hyun Soo despite his many rejections of "I'm not interested". And yes, she finally gets the guy at the end, haha, by pretending to ask Seung Hoon on a date which got Hyun Soo jealous~~ He was like "We have plans tomorrow rememberrr?", and she was like " we? ;D" (they didn't but I guess that was just Hyun Soo's way of asking her out finally)

Nothing particular about this moment but I just wanted to talk about how much I LOVED their uniforms. They even have the school's emblem on their coats! Coats! If only schools here had uniforms that cool looking...and yes I am a pro-uniform kinda girl just cuz too lazy to pick out a different outfit everyday XD

Soo Ha tells Ji Hyuk about how her father wants her to go with him to seems to be the last time they'll ever see each other....NOPE :3 OH YOU DRAMA playing with my heartstrings~

Guess who's back in her rooftop apartment? :) I think the Rooftop Couple nickname is quite cute <3 It reminds me of the kdrama "Rooftop Prince". Of course, they gotta hug it out cuz they haven't hugged in such a loooong time.

Man was I surprised when Do Il said that he wanted to go to college and that he liked studying and learning. WHOA a drummer and (maybe in the future) a smartie~ And of course Silva's back in school and going back to what he does best, chasing the guys.

Performance time for Ji Hyuk! He dropped out of school to "find the music he wanted to play". The song seemed almost like a ballad since he was playing the guitar and it wasn't amped. Of course, Soo Ha is there to support him. Yes, they are my FAV couple of the drama ^.^ And Do Il finally got the girl as well~

Rockin' out with the rest of the Eye Candy members just for fun. EYE CANDY FOREVERR~

Some final photos of their impromptu performance...can't believe it's the end already. There were so many feels in the last few episodes (thought I barely cried...I cried A LOT while watching "Gu Family Book" )

It's been a nice run with ya, "Shut Up! Flower Boy Band" :)

Since school is starting soon, I probably won't be able to recap a drama to this extent (I took A LOT of screenshots) but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna be watching any dramas ^.^ I'll be waiting for "Emergency Couple" to come out :)