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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shut Up! Flower Boy Band - Ep 8-14

I'm gonna try to finish this series before Friday! Maybe I'll order some korean fried chicken~~ I've been wanting to eat it lately cuz of the drama. And ramen. I've been wanting to go buy some ramen too. They make it seem like the most delicious food ever (in the drama). How can they eat all that ramen and still be healthy and fit? JEALOUS~

Look how handsome they all look. EYE CANDY INDEED! Sung Joon, our model turned actor, just like Kim Woo Bin!

Do they look like models or what? Especially L and Sung Joon <3

Their first recording! Finally getting to spread Byunghee's song to the world and it gets into the Top 10!

Look at them cuties celebrating the song finally going live ^^ Too bad their personalities aren't expressed very well when it comes to interviews~ But hey, it's only episode 9 still right?

Lots of nerves and tension before their live performance..Silva, their "smart/evil" teacher turned manager, happened to drop the USB with the song's instrumentals into the sink. Smart move theree.
So they decided to do it live and hoped that it would be a smooth sailing....

..nope! This is drama-land! The playboy bass player unplugged the wire connecting to the amp machine BY HIMSELF. Yup, the same dude that forget his strings when they were battling Strawberry Fields for the practice room. Strawberry Fields winning the Rock Festival was totally yesterday's news. Eye Candy is the new hit boy band :) And look at L's awesome guitar solo~

And the playboy bassist manages to recover (with a little help from Silva) and the performance ends on a high note.

A lonely Kyung Jong on his birthday, all byy himself at a karaoke place...his best friend forgot his birthday. It would totally suck if my best friend forgot my birthday...which she didn't :3 ....But don't be all sad and mopey with him, they remembered!! Happy Birthday to the happy happy boy! He even made them a DELICIOUS looking breakfast that morning (even though no one remembered except for Hyun Soo who reminded everyone else about it). Man, it makes me want to eat Korean food (especially Japchae!). Midnight cravings at 1 in the morninggg...

They were doing fine, introducing their 2nd single and then Ji Hyuk goes to drop the bomb that YES he does have a girlfriend. It was shortly after Soo Ha told him to be "clear" about the status of their relationship (cuz she was calling him and texting him but he barely responded to any of it). So yea, he likes her but he's not showing it very well. What he DIDN'T expect was for this "scandal" to put their relationship in a tense situation AND harm the band's image. It was a bad way to reveal his relationship with Soo Ha (Byung Hee's muse) to his friends...

The only time Hyun Soo ever smiles or acts gentle is when he's with his sister. I really love their scenes together~

I love love love this song that they record together! His voice matches hers so well in this song~

Poor Hyun Soo...Ji Hyuk said some pretty harsh words to him in order to get him to leave Eye Candy and pursue a solo career...Ji Hyuk knew that Hyun Soo needed the money to pay for his sister's surgery. But WHY DIDN'T HE SHARE THIS WITH THE OTHER TWO MEMBERS? I mean, they just keep on falling into a deeper misunderstanding because of all the secrets everyone's been keeping. Man, you could say that they really weren't meant for the spotlight because it ruined their band's "rock spirit"...

The president of HR entertainment tells Hyun Soo to breakup with Soo Ha for Soo Ha's benefit and the band's benefit...then goes to tell Soo Ha that they should breakup so that Ji Hyuk can play any type of music he wants (basically, you're holding him back). The rumors really wrecked their relationship... You can obviously see that neither wants to breakup but both are doing it for the other person's benefit...poor Ji Hyuk and poor Soo Ha.

The band has finally disbanded. All the tension has finally built up and exploded...Eye Candy is no more...they all move out of the dorm and Ji Hyuk sets fire to his guitar...but what's he going to do now? They never liked going to school (they just did it cuz that's what the company wanted)....
"girls and money ruined the band"