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Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 16

YJ returns to YY the ring that he had proposed to her with when they were both in the Singapore up on YY to be with MQ...why are you doing this to yourself YJ?! 

YR continues to descend into the black hole of evilness...but she still holds a torch for YJ which might help him out in the end but what she doesn't realize is that SHE's already causing him harm...bad bad YR...

GM Li invites YJ over to dinner after learning that YJ and MQ are dating...we'll see about that...

Ya Yin being all oblivious again to YR's evil schemes and YR's evil schemes succeeding partly because YY is so naive and too trusting of YR.

When Love Walked In - Ep 17

I think this will be the last episode that I really fully screenshot all the important moments. It's takes the fun out of watching the drama if I'm constantly worried about capturing the right moment and not really all that focused on what's happening in the drama. My next blog post will probably have only the truly important screenshots of really important moments thus some episodes may not get featured at all. Just maybe moments that I think are important...It's a lot of work to screenshot then crop then saving the picture. School's about to get really busy for me so my posting will pretty much slow down as seen in February (when I wrote no posts).

Of course this is all for the best (because YY and YJ do like each other) but there's so much chaos going on right now with YJ still technically MQ boyfriend. And let's throw in that psychotic bitch (I mean YR, she really is crazy in the head about her obsession with YJ; like an extreme saesang fan or something) who frames MQ with leaking the grandpa's health records out to the media. The one thing I really need YY to do is WAKE UP. COME ON. Why the heck would MQ have the chairman's health records that are kept AT HIS HOUSE? I've barely seen MQ visit his house! There's only YY, chairman, uncle Mo, and YJ. And it JUST so happened that the time YR visited, was around the same time the confidential info was leaked. Come on YY, don't be this stupid alright? I was even thisclose to giving up on the drama because the romance square or pentagon was going NOWHERE. And YY was so so sooo oblivious to the evil side of YR. Don't you see what a catty bitch your cousin can be? So please wake up to the reality of things soon...

Matchmaker Yuan

This was kind of an extreme move by the chairman. Forcing GM Li to break up MQ and YJ so that YY can marry YJ...

Loving Zhou Mi's blue wardrobe! Blue coat, blue blazer, and now blue cardigan. Blue DOES indeed look quite nice on him!

YY finally gets to learning how things work in Yuan Corp. It was quite overdue if you ask me. What the heck has she been doing these past few days anyway? While EVERYONE else was working and stuff? Just chilling? I do really hope that she'll become a super capable chairman capable of taking over when her grandpa steps down and not have to rely on YJ. Hoping that she can hold her own ground~

When Love Walked In - Ep 14-15

That sneaky little YR pretending to be dizzy and tricking YJ into taking her home and eating dinner with her. She's the evilest one out of all three girls who are crushing on YJ. Totally. 

That's right girl! You go on ahead and barge into his room! What's a rom com without a random drunk scene? XD It was SOO funny seeing Victoria pretending to be drunk! Ya Yin (YY) you go girl! Haha tell him. I thought there was going to be a drunken kiss like in You Who Came from the Stars but I guess not?

This scene was SOOO funny to watch!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 10-13

And my screenshotting of this drama continues!

Thought this was a nice scene of YJ :) With the super tall buildings in the background and all...

I just wanted to acknowledge how cute this scene was between Shang Lin and Ya Yin.   He almost kissed her after their little dance~~ Too bad he's obviously the second male lead because Ya Yin already secretly likes Yu Jiang.

He finally admits that he likes Ya Yin!

Ya Yin decides to surprise her grandfather with a total makeover of the attitudes of the workers at their estate. Making the security guard do a cutesy greeting, the gardeners waving to the chairman, the housemaids acting really friendly towards and the chairman AND uncle mo's haiwaiian shirt. I don't know how it makes him look more friendly but it sure isn't work appropriate. In fact, when I saw him it reminded me of a gang member haha. And I am LOVING Zhou Mi's (Shang Lin) blue coats and blue blazers. Blue is a bright color but it sure does look nice on him!

When Love Walked In - Ep 1-9

Not really a episode by episode recap but more of a short little commentary by me.
So by episode 5 I was reallly wondering when they were going to figure out that they got the wrong girl as Ya Yin. By episode 6 I'm glad they finally found out the truth. I love it when the good guys win. Then Yu Ru disappears for awhile and then reappears in episode 9. As I'm writing this sentence, I haven't finished episode 9 yet but all I can decipher from the preview of episode 8 is that Yu Ru makes it seem like Yu Jiang is betraying the Yuan company...

Anyways, onto commentary!

I felt like this moment was totally badass (for the good guys) because not only did the CEO Lee and General Manager Lee not say bad things about Yu Jiang (so that their kids wouldn't quit the company) but also the Grandpa totally pulled a fast one of Aunt Shen who thought she could have her way just because she was the aunt of Ya Yin. Favorite line had to be when the grandpa said he would never ever fire Yu Jiang. Ever.
...Yea I gotta learn how to take the screenshots without the play button in the middle. I tried watching it on Viki but it just wouldn't load for some reason so I had to resort to watching it on another website.

Aww :) Ya Yin finally calls the boss Grandpa. How did they not solve this problem earlier, I don't know. Couldn't they obviously tell the DNA hair sample was orange? And Yu Ru's hair is like pitch black color. It was nice to see them reconcile but it was an awkward hug moment.

Second male lead never gets the girl. Always. Even if he likes her first or she likes him first, but eventually we all know that in dramaland, the male lead will get the girl no matter what even if he is a cold hearted guy who warms up to the female lead. Although I would have to say that Yu Jiang shows a lot of care for Ya Yin behind the scenes, but acts all cold towards her in front of her. He's actually very caring and not that cold at all. But I don't get why he has to say "goodbye" to her and refuses to reveal his identity as Chuan. How happy would the president be if he found out that Ya Yin and Chuan could be together. Sucessor and heir joined in marraige? I think the grandpa would be so happy that he would literally skip around in circles. Min Qiong, who's bff's with the three top dogs of Yuan company, doesn't seem so bad yet. She's actually pretty nice and I hope a nice friendship develops between her and Ya Yin but we all know that there will be love triangles or squares amiss in dramaland. Yu Ru, I could really care less about (no offense to the actress) but I've enjoyed these few episodes where she's busy inventing a new plan in order to return to the house. Man, does she have like no skills whatsoever? That she has to resort to petty revenge in order to get money and fame? It's kinda sad. And I talked with a friend who watched the entirety of the drama, who told me that this character pretty much stays evil for the whole drama. Well that's wonderful to hear...Would you say it's kind like the mother in Secret Garden? Not necessarily evil but she so looks down on the poor. But I'm glad the general manager dude turned good :) Everytime he said "Whyy..." it was soo funny!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"When Love Walked In" Taiwanese Drama (Why am I watching dramas right now?)

So I should be studying right now..."should". For my theology midterm tomorrow....and also finish my moral theology of healthcare assignment before 5:00pm...Instead I've started watching dramas. Haha~

She's sooo prettyy~

Actually a high school friend told me about this drama but I wasn't too interested in it because she was watching it for Victoria who's her favorite member in the korean girl group, f(x). Everytime I see "f(x)" I think of "function" in calculus.

As you can tell I am a tad bit behind in the trends. I much rather prefer waiting for all the episodes of a drama to air and be subbed in English before watching it so I won't have to wait an entire week for just one or two episodes ^^ I think this came out in 2011 or 2012...

Anyway this drama also stars Calvin Chen who I first saw when I decided to watch "KO One" back in the day. I thought he didn't look too bad when the hair styled up. Bangs did NOT work for him. They just made him look bad. I guess bangs aren't for everyone? LOL Anyways, he plays the male lead in this drama.On the left, he looks MUCH better (in my honest opinion) without bangs. His forehead isn't even that big! On the right...well...his hair was a bit too long. Kinda shaggy look to it. Not my style but hey, maybe some people like his hair like that.

New Fav Show - The Return of Superman!

So lately I've been SUPER busy with schoolwork. Who knew that taking two theology courses at the same time could be SOO much work? I don't even have time to do outlines of the chemistry book anymore (which I bet will hurt me in the future) in addition it might also be because I've decided to take up that workstudy grant now. Yep, gonna make use of it. So there goes more time I could spend on my outlines...but seriously moral theology of healthcare is a KILLER. super demanding...I have to read lots of texts. Oh golly. And there's a paper for that class due in less than two weeks. Joy to my life~