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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Fav Show - The Return of Superman!

So lately I've been SUPER busy with schoolwork. Who knew that taking two theology courses at the same time could be SOO much work? I don't even have time to do outlines of the chemistry book anymore (which I bet will hurt me in the future) in addition it might also be because I've decided to take up that workstudy grant now. Yep, gonna make use of it. So there goes more time I could spend on my outlines...but seriously moral theology of healthcare is a KILLER. super demanding...I have to read lots of texts. Oh golly. And there's a paper for that class due in less than two weeks. Joy to my life~

Anyways, I found this KBS show called "The Return of Superman" where it documents 4 celebrity(semi-famous) dads raising their young kids from 8 months old to 11 years old. And the best part about it? IT'S SUBBED ON YOUTUBE BY KBSWORLD. Yes that's right. LOVE YOU KBS! Now if only SBS and MBC would do the same thing for international viewers or those who would looove to watch the korean shows but can't understand what's being said. And I just LOVE all the interactions between the fathers and their kids and the kids are super super adorable!

There's Choo Sarang (I think she's my favorite one; she eats a lot and her love for Minnie and Mickey Mouse is adorablee~)

Then there's Lee Haru (she reallly loves fishes! and she's quite imaginative like she's always saying that there are fish in certain places or making up stories about the fish toys she owns)

Then there are the twins! They're only 8 months old but super adorable as well ^^ There's Lee Seo Jun and Lee Seo Eon (fraternal twins so they're not identical)

Finally there are the two boys: Hwang Junu (the older one-11 years old) and Hwang Jun Seo (7 years old or 6 years old)

update: I haven't been able to watch the most recently subbed episode on the KBSWorld youtube channel yet because I have a theology midterm this Thursday (the 27th of March aka tomorrow) so I have to study for that before I can actually "relax". Then two weeks later I have a philosophy paper due, a chemistry test on orgochem and a moral theology of healthcare paper due...yipee. Gotta get a head start on that stuff.