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Saturday, March 29, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 1-9

Not really a episode by episode recap but more of a short little commentary by me.
So by episode 5 I was reallly wondering when they were going to figure out that they got the wrong girl as Ya Yin. By episode 6 I'm glad they finally found out the truth. I love it when the good guys win. Then Yu Ru disappears for awhile and then reappears in episode 9. As I'm writing this sentence, I haven't finished episode 9 yet but all I can decipher from the preview of episode 8 is that Yu Ru makes it seem like Yu Jiang is betraying the Yuan company...

Anyways, onto commentary!

I felt like this moment was totally badass (for the good guys) because not only did the CEO Lee and General Manager Lee not say bad things about Yu Jiang (so that their kids wouldn't quit the company) but also the Grandpa totally pulled a fast one of Aunt Shen who thought she could have her way just because she was the aunt of Ya Yin. Favorite line had to be when the grandpa said he would never ever fire Yu Jiang. Ever.
...Yea I gotta learn how to take the screenshots without the play button in the middle. I tried watching it on Viki but it just wouldn't load for some reason so I had to resort to watching it on another website.

Aww :) Ya Yin finally calls the boss Grandpa. How did they not solve this problem earlier, I don't know. Couldn't they obviously tell the DNA hair sample was orange? And Yu Ru's hair is like pitch black color. It was nice to see them reconcile but it was an awkward hug moment.

Second male lead never gets the girl. Always. Even if he likes her first or she likes him first, but eventually we all know that in dramaland, the male lead will get the girl no matter what even if he is a cold hearted guy who warms up to the female lead. Although I would have to say that Yu Jiang shows a lot of care for Ya Yin behind the scenes, but acts all cold towards her in front of her. He's actually very caring and not that cold at all. But I don't get why he has to say "goodbye" to her and refuses to reveal his identity as Chuan. How happy would the president be if he found out that Ya Yin and Chuan could be together. Sucessor and heir joined in marraige? I think the grandpa would be so happy that he would literally skip around in circles. Min Qiong, who's bff's with the three top dogs of Yuan company, doesn't seem so bad yet. She's actually pretty nice and I hope a nice friendship develops between her and Ya Yin but we all know that there will be love triangles or squares amiss in dramaland. Yu Ru, I could really care less about (no offense to the actress) but I've enjoyed these few episodes where she's busy inventing a new plan in order to return to the house. Man, does she have like no skills whatsoever? That she has to resort to petty revenge in order to get money and fame? It's kinda sad. And I talked with a friend who watched the entirety of the drama, who told me that this character pretty much stays evil for the whole drama. Well that's wonderful to hear...Would you say it's kind like the mother in Secret Garden? Not necessarily evil but she so looks down on the poor. But I'm glad the general manager dude turned good :) Everytime he said "Whyy..." it was soo funny!

Ya Yin is totally hot and cold towards him. She talks to him when she wants to but ignores him when she wants to. I still don't see why she says she hates him so much. He really didn't do anything to harm her...She calls him annoying one moment, then asks nicely to borrow his computer the next. Ignoring him then asking for his help in convincing grandpa. It's a hot and cold relationship. Can't wait to see how it develops!

Omigosh. No comment. Her eyes are so dead. I don't know if she got plastic surgery or botox or something but seriously could she please bring some emotions to her eyes. They are so dead. Reminds me of days when I'm so tired that I just go around all day with this kind of dazed or dead look in my eyes. I swear, this has been her exact expression in every scene I've watched with her in it. She acts like a walking and talking mean and envious zombie.

She is such a good liar! Not in a good way of course. I hate it when bad guys lie and fool the good guys but I'm okay with the good guys lying if they can trick the bad guys. Is it contradictory? Anyway, the importance of this scene was not because she was coming back and trying to get into the graces of Yu Jiang but because SHE EXPRESSED EMOTION. Oh-my-gosh right? Look at that slight wrinkle between her eyebrows! 

And the aunt crying her eyes out because Yu Ru hates her guts. It's mean to say this but you reap what you sow. She raised her to be such a selfish, greedy and lazy girl and that's not going to change over night. Nope, Yu Ru is becoming more calculating and evil by the second. She's always focusing on what Ya Yin has but never thinks about what she has which is loving parents and a brother. Ya Yin doesn't have any of that, her parents are both dead. Yu Ru lived in a house with heat in the winter, there was probably no heat in Ya Yin's storage/bedroom. Hopefully we'll see Yu Ru change because (SPOILER!) I saw a picture on google of Yu Ru at Ya Yin and Yu Jiang's wedding. Currently there is 0% development of romance between those two fated ones but I hope there will be soon.

Can I make it through to 32 episodes? I actually skipped a few parts cause it got kinda boring.