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Saturday, March 29, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 10-13

And my screenshotting of this drama continues!

Thought this was a nice scene of YJ :) With the super tall buildings in the background and all...

I just wanted to acknowledge how cute this scene was between Shang Lin and Ya Yin.   He almost kissed her after their little dance~~ Too bad he's obviously the second male lead because Ya Yin already secretly likes Yu Jiang.

He finally admits that he likes Ya Yin!

Ya Yin decides to surprise her grandfather with a total makeover of the attitudes of the workers at their estate. Making the security guard do a cutesy greeting, the gardeners waving to the chairman, the housemaids acting really friendly towards and the chairman AND uncle mo's haiwaiian shirt. I don't know how it makes him look more friendly but it sure isn't work appropriate. In fact, when I saw him it reminded me of a gang member haha. And I am LOVING Zhou Mi's (Shang Lin) blue coats and blue blazers. Blue is a bright color but it sure does look nice on him!

Flashback to the past when Yu Jiang and Ya Yin ran away from their orphanage in Singapore to go find their parents.

Ya Yin decides to find Yu Jiang to apologize to him about thinking that he considered her an enemy (an idea planted in Ya Yin's mind by GM Li) so they talk about it over hot pot! NOW I WANT HOT POT. 

Actually I've been wanting to try hot pot for awhile (well outside of my mom's version of what a "hotpot" is...actually I quite like the hot pot we usually do at home but it's usually the same old hot pot ingredients) But now that winter is almost over (yep it's March and last week I still had to wear my gigantic knee length brown Northface coat) I think I'll have to wait till next winter to try hot pot. Mom actually plans to take us two to go try Korean BBQ the week of Easter! ^.^ I guess reading all those news articles on Korean food in NYC really made her want to try it for herself :) We had actually planned to go to KBBQ to celebrate my birthday but I was feeling pretty sad and upset for  some reason about my birthday coming up. For some reason I didn't want people to know about it or wish me happy birthday but I also wanted lots of people to wish me a happy birthday. Sadly none of my new friends wished me a happy birthday probably because I decided that I wanted to be secretive and take it down from facebook. Thus no one really knew or at least no one got a notification saying "HEY. IT'S JENN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY"

They're arguing about letting go of the past (memories) which is a sensitive and painful topic for both of them to talk about. Ya Yin is still mad that her grandpa won't accept her father and talks rather negatively of him while Yu Jiang tells her to forget the past and to embrace what she has right now which is a relative as opposed to him who has no one related to him that's still alive. I mean the boy had to watch both of his parents die in a car explosion. How sad is that :(

A drama wouldn't be a drama if someone didn't see the kiss! Mong Qiong (MQ) sees it and surprise, surprise she's been harboring a crush on Yu Jiang (YJ) since they were small...YJ of course doesn't say anything back because I think it's prettty obvious that he likes Ya Yin (YY) since he did kiss on the spur of the moment. It was kinda random but it was cute...ish.

So YY moves back home and we see that Yu Ru (YR) is as fake as ever towards her and YJ for some reason decided to hire her as his personal assistant. WEIRD RIGHT? Like WHY? Sympathy? I don't know, I would trust YR especially with my personal stuff. And we as an audience knows that she harbors a crush on YJ so...we'll see we'll see...

YY finally learns that Chuan is YJ and breaks down about it. MQ tells her about it rather than keeping it from her. Wow so so far three people like YJ. SO POPULAR ;) But obviously I like MQ better than YR anyday.

Guess whose eavesdropping on the conversation?~~ YR truly. Qing Feng (QF) tells YJ not to break MQ's heart now that he knows about her crush on YJ too. YJ says he doesn't want to answer her because he doesn't want to hurt her but this isn't a good enough reason for QF.

CAN I GET A HIGH FIVE FROM QF? Why does he seem like the only one who can see through YR's mind games? No one else seems to mind that she deceived everyone and happily pretended to be Ya Yin for a few episodes. The chariman forgave her because of a single letter pushing all the blame onto her mom (the aunt), YJ I guess also forgave her because he actually bought her sob story that it was all her mom's fault and she didn't actually want to do it. QF tells her "You're an adult. You can think independently. Why do you push all the blame onto your mother? If you didn't want to do it then you wouldn't have in the first place" which leaves YR shocked into silence because of the truth of his words.