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Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 14-15

That sneaky little YR pretending to be dizzy and tricking YJ into taking her home and eating dinner with her. She's the evilest one out of all three girls who are crushing on YJ. Totally. 

That's right girl! You go on ahead and barge into his room! What's a rom com without a random drunk scene? XD It was SOO funny seeing Victoria pretending to be drunk! Ya Yin (YY) you go girl! Haha tell him. I thought there was going to be a drunken kiss like in You Who Came from the Stars but I guess not?

This scene was SOOO funny to watch!

That little "sorry sorry" thing YY is doing is super adorablee! YJ, being the knight in shining armor, of course doesn't kiss her while she's drunk (but no he'll kiss her in the spur of the moment during a heated conversation perhaps) and puts her to bed. He even brings her breakfast in bed the next morning! :3 Is he super dashing or what?

Who knew her form of "revenge" was going to be a kiss, just like the one he gave her? But this kiss scene was a bit awkward to watch. She obviously knows what she's doing...then again maybe not when she kisses him and then WIDENS HER EYES LIKE SAUCERS like "WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST DO?" kind of expression. I don't know if I would consider this a was more like "hey your face accidentally bumped into mine...oops". Second best part about this scene? YR saw it. Hah, good for her. I can't wait to not see her in the series anymore. She's just like this piece of lint that won't come off your sweater after you've watched it. Annoyinggg~

Look at YR being all evil and possessive and stuff all again. We didn't need it the first few episodes and we don't need it now. The three princes of Yuan Corp and Ming Qiong and YY already got enough crap in their lives thanks to the CEO Li and GM Li. Both are soo out to get YJ and willing to wreck their children's friendship to do so. Man, love totally messes up the flow of their friendship. Weakening of the bonds requires energy and in this case maybe it's the loovee square...triangle? I think I'll make a love square...pentagon at the end of this post.

Shang Ling (SL) tells YJ that he likes YY...uh ohh~~

Evil people being all evil and stuff in a...I don't even know...a cafe? He's sipping like some kind of espresso. And WHY would he want to dethrone the chairman? This is such a random character, like why is he even in the series besides as an addition to the growing list of annoying characters? The grandpa CREATED the company, why the heck would the directors allow for you (a nobody in my book) to take his spot? That's silly of you. And YR is evil but not as evil as this Brett guy. Bad guys joining up is never a good sign...

NOOO don't proclaim a false love for'll only end up breaking her heart in the end </3

What a nice scene of...China? Didn't know that this drama was a collab of Taiwan and China.

Heartbroken people drinking wine together. Even sadder they're siblings. SL essentially got no response from YY aka she doesn't like him back. And MQ knows that YJ obviously likes YY and not totally 100% in love with MQ.

And then we have this scene where just MAYBE YJ tells YY his true feelings because by the end of the episode YY tells him that she will be saying goodbye to the YJ she knew and that's she's really happy for him and MQ (but I think on the inside she's quite </3 about it)

Oh oh oh!!! He grabbed her wristtt!!! Ahhh it's the infamous wrist grab scene!! There was one earlier in the series where SL grabbed YY's wrist to go to a more private area inside a cafe to talk when there were fans crowding about SL asking for his autograph. But THIS IS ON A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. Ahhh can't wait to watch episode 16! Which I will do tomorrow morning because...yea. Staying up late to watch dramas (as good as it is) is not good for the body or your health...especially given that I have these deep deep black panda eye bags.