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Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 16

YJ returns to YY the ring that he had proposed to her with when they were both in the Singapore up on YY to be with MQ...why are you doing this to yourself YJ?! 

YR continues to descend into the black hole of evilness...but she still holds a torch for YJ which might help him out in the end but what she doesn't realize is that SHE's already causing him harm...bad bad YR...

GM Li invites YJ over to dinner after learning that YJ and MQ are dating...we'll see about that...

Ya Yin being all oblivious again to YR's evil schemes and YR's evil schemes succeeding partly because YY is so naive and too trusting of YR.

And JUST when I think I see YY eyeing YR's action of spilling coffee on MQ suspiciously, turns out it was just a figment of my imagination because she's all "best buddies" with YR again afterwards. She brings her over to her house allowing YR to put the document back in the chairman's home office.

YJ is finally exposed. MQ (you go girl! QF will treat you right!) tells YJ that she doesn't want this kind of sympathy from him (being with her cause she's his childhood best friend). I bet YR would totally fall over herself to get this kind of love from YJ...that crazy lady. YY learns that MQ broke up with YJ and finally clears up the misunderstanding that YJ and YY were dating before...everyone's sadd :(

Their house is so big!!! I want a house like that too...part of it has got to be digital right? How do you have a house this big in China?

Dun dun dun! The chairman's health records have leaked out to the mediaaa and MQ gets the framed by YR truly for it.