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Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 17

I think this will be the last episode that I really fully screenshot all the important moments. It's takes the fun out of watching the drama if I'm constantly worried about capturing the right moment and not really all that focused on what's happening in the drama. My next blog post will probably have only the truly important screenshots of really important moments thus some episodes may not get featured at all. Just maybe moments that I think are important...It's a lot of work to screenshot then crop then saving the picture. School's about to get really busy for me so my posting will pretty much slow down as seen in February (when I wrote no posts).

Of course this is all for the best (because YY and YJ do like each other) but there's so much chaos going on right now with YJ still technically MQ boyfriend. And let's throw in that psychotic bitch (I mean YR, she really is crazy in the head about her obsession with YJ; like an extreme saesang fan or something) who frames MQ with leaking the grandpa's health records out to the media. The one thing I really need YY to do is WAKE UP. COME ON. Why the heck would MQ have the chairman's health records that are kept AT HIS HOUSE? I've barely seen MQ visit his house! There's only YY, chairman, uncle Mo, and YJ. And it JUST so happened that the time YR visited, was around the same time the confidential info was leaked. Come on YY, don't be this stupid alright? I was even thisclose to giving up on the drama because the romance square or pentagon was going NOWHERE. And YY was so so sooo oblivious to the evil side of YR. Don't you see what a catty bitch your cousin can be? So please wake up to the reality of things soon...

Matchmaker Yuan

This was kind of an extreme move by the chairman. Forcing GM Li to break up MQ and YJ so that YY can marry YJ...

Loving Zhou Mi's blue wardrobe! Blue coat, blue blazer, and now blue cardigan. Blue DOES indeed look quite nice on him!

YY finally gets to learning how things work in Yuan Corp. It was quite overdue if you ask me. What the heck has she been doing these past few days anyway? While EVERYONE else was working and stuff? Just chilling? I do really hope that she'll become a super capable chairman capable of taking over when her grandpa steps down and not have to rely on YJ. Hoping that she can hold her own ground~

I think that the actress that plays MQ is sooo pretty and her hair is pretty much perfect all the time. This was quite a sad moment to watch. She thanks YJ for trying to be with her but breaks up with him because she realizes that he's just forcing himself to be with her. It's even crazier when he goes to propose to her to "show his determination and sincerity" to MQ. A move that was gonna hurt everyone if you ask me but luckily MQ, SL and QF all came up with a plan to thwart his proposal...although QF does run away somewhere in the next episode...