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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"When Love Walked In" Taiwanese Drama (Why am I watching dramas right now?)

So I should be studying right now..."should". For my theology midterm tomorrow....and also finish my moral theology of healthcare assignment before 5:00pm...Instead I've started watching dramas. Haha~

She's sooo prettyy~

Actually a high school friend told me about this drama but I wasn't too interested in it because she was watching it for Victoria who's her favorite member in the korean girl group, f(x). Everytime I see "f(x)" I think of "function" in calculus.

As you can tell I am a tad bit behind in the trends. I much rather prefer waiting for all the episodes of a drama to air and be subbed in English before watching it so I won't have to wait an entire week for just one or two episodes ^^ I think this came out in 2011 or 2012...

Anyway this drama also stars Calvin Chen who I first saw when I decided to watch "KO One" back in the day. I thought he didn't look too bad when the hair styled up. Bangs did NOT work for him. They just made him look bad. I guess bangs aren't for everyone? LOL Anyways, he plays the male lead in this drama.On the left, he looks MUCH better (in my honest opinion) without bangs. His forehead isn't even that big! On the right...well...his hair was a bit too long. Kinda shaggy look to it. Not my style but hey, maybe some people like his hair like that.

There's also Zhou Mi from Super Junior M. They just released a new song called..."Swing" I think? His chin reminds me of mine XD sharp like cheddar.

Then there's another guy who I have never seen before. Okay, bangs do work for him. Cuz in the promotional poster, that hairstyle is not quite flattering. Victoria's and Zhou Mi's bangs totally work for them.

Should I do a list of characters?

Victoria- Ya Yin
Calvin- Yu Jiang
Zhou Mi-Shang Lin
Other Guy-...Yu Feng(?)

As soon as I started watching it, the general plot of "When Love Walked In" totally reminded me of another Taiwanese drama that Calvin had starred in with his then Farenheit co-member, Wu Chun. It was called "Romantic Princess" (I was obsessed with it because I had just discovered that people subbed dramas online and in English so I was truly fascinated with this whole "online drama" thing. I had only watched the TVB dramas that were shown cable beforehand) aka 公主小美. I know and remember the Chinese title by heart because I would used to write EVERYWHERE on my school notes (in elementary and middle school). Other girls write their first name with their crush's last name, I write the titles of the dramas I'm obsessing over. Haha. Yea but that's about the only thing that's bothering me about this drama. How similar it is to Romantic Princess. A grandfather wants to find his long lost grand daughter. An evil aunt and cousin who want to pretend to be the "long lost granddaughter" in order to get the inheritance and everything. The actual long lost granddaughter who is naive and innocent. And three bachelors. Just like in Romantic Princess. Of course in this drama they've incorporated all the advancements in fashion and technology and the sorts and there are general tweaks to the plot....

32 episodes here I come! I'll try to recap some of the episodes but I'm gonna get busy soon so let's hope I finish this before all my papers are due and tests!