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Thursday, May 22, 2014

KDrama: You're All Surrounded - Ep 1-4

HANDS UP! YOU'RE ALL SURROUNDED! We finally get to hear this line being said in episode 4, just a heads up :) I'm watching this drama for Go Ara (loved loved LOVED her in "Reply 1994") and Lee Seung Gi (loved loved him in "Gu Family Book"). So I just couldn't WAIT to watch this one especially since it's supposed to be more on the comedy side. 

Eo Soo Eon (Ara's character) meets Eun Dae Gu (Seung Gi's character) when they're teenagers. He's still in middle school at this time while she's in high school.

Dae Gu was born out of wedlock and his dad died before he was born (I'm assuming) so his mom raised him all on her own. She works at the nurse at his school. This specific part where he talks to his mom that she shouldn't feel sorry for not having a husband really touched my heartstrings because his words are words that I truly found to be inspiring since I say the same thing to my mom (in my mind) every day.

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Haru

How good a dad is Tablo? Haru + strawberry farm = cutest thing ever! I love how Haru is so adorable when "interacting" with the strawberries and then the white puppy she names "Snowball" later in the episode.

Let's pick some strawberries! - Haru

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Jang Family - Junseo & Junu

Everyone's crowding around Junseo learning how to use actual chopsticks because he's going to 1st grade soon and is still using his training chopsticks. What a super duper supportive family ^^

But all is not smooth sailing in the Jang family residence...Junu is tasked with teaching Junseo the names of their grandparents and how to write them. Which proves to be a bit hard because Junseo DOES NOT like hard work.

Frustration settles in for both Jang brothers...BUT he eventually succeeds :)

Time for what (almost) every little kid fears: VACCINATIONS. Because for most vaccinations=needles being stuck into me. I personally hated vaccinations because I was super sensitive to the needle pinch and cried for most of the vaccinations during my childhood. As I got older, I stopped crying because I realized that even though it was a bit uncomfortable that little pin prick, it was nowhere near agonizing pain that I couldn't tolerate.

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Seoeon & Seojun

In this episode, only Seojun was seen because Seoeon was taken by his mother so that Hwijae could finally have his dream day with his son. 
First he went out with Seojun to enjoy a salad "New York style". Then he decided to blow up their inflatable pool for Seojun to have more fun while bathing. Heechul and Kangin fro Super Junior make a cameo!

Seojun is tooo cute~

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Choovely Family - Yuto visits Sarang

So I decided to do a post for "The Return of Superman" because the one post that I did on it is currently my most popular post so onto episode 19! Probably going to be the last post I'll do for the reality show because as much as I love it, it's quite a lot of work trying to capture the right moments when they're all moving so fast (that can't really be helped because they're all still little kids)

I took A LOT of screen shots of this 95 minute episode....yea currently I have almost 50 screenshots. I'll most likely categorize each post according to the family.

Firstly, my favorite little girl, Sarang! In this episode she sees her "boyfriend" Yuto and she acts like a lady in front of him while he acts like how she would normally act when she's just around Sunghoon (her papa).

Sunghoon's all like "WHAT IS THIS? Did this happen when I wasn't around?" His reaction sure was funny or at least the show's producers made it out that way.

Sarang has a boyfriend named Yuto~ He's in the same kindergarten class as her apparently and likes to kiss'll see soon ;) He's kind of hot/cold with her in the beginning and then has bursts of passionate kiddy love towards her.

Sarang refuses to brush her teeth..until Yuto gifts her a toothbrush. She loves him, she loves him~

Tokyo's cutest dancing couple! I love Yuto's rosy chubby cheeks~

Behave or else the GOBLIN is going to come and get youu... (it was actually just an app that Sunghoon had on his iPhone; effective)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taiwanese Drama - Fall in Love With Me - Ep 1-6

Fall in Love With Me! So the basic plot is that Lu Tian Xing wants to take a break from the advertising industry and just so happens to bump into Tao Le Si (her name seriously sounds like "Teacher Tao") and pretends that he is a guy named Xiao Lu. So he starts to live a double life like he's some kind of secret agent~ But Aaron Yan as both LTX and XL is perfect, he's hot one moment and freakin' adorable the next.

First moment of skinship!!! Somebody couldn't hold their liquor and knocked out. And then the WHOLE Oz office found them like this the next morning. Of course, XL can't have all the fun...

Do you feel the sexual tension in this moment? Cuz I sure did~ 

KDrama: K-POP Extreme Survival

A bit too lazy to form my own summary of the drama so I'll just use the one from Wikipedia....well I'll try my best to summarize their summary of it.
Ji Seung Yeon has just been kicked out of classical music school. She dreams of becoming a hip hop legend and decides to try out for a male idol group, M2 Junior even though she's a girl. Her uncle is the CEO of the entertainment company so he allows her to continue with her facade. Only her best male friend, Ji Woo knows (he joins the group with her). But the team manager doesn't want Seung Yeon to stay any longer. Seung Yeon then meets M2 leader, Woo Hyung and the rest you'll have to see for yourself.

Can't believe that the main female lead is Mir (from MBLAQ) older sister and the male lead is Yoo Chun (from JYJ) younger brother. Can't wait to see the ending. The rest of the actors I'm too lazy to find out their names. All I know is that in the beginning I was super confused because there were two members of M2 Junior that had the EXACT same hair style. I swear, it was exactly the same. And I was like "Wait...isn't he in the group already?"

Anyways, this isn't really a recap but some a few screenshots of my favorite moments from the drama :)

Moment #1: When Seung Hyeong goes over to Woo Hyun's house to read his script for him because Woo Hyung can't read properly due to the bruise on his eye. Things sure do heat up!

She starts off with a scene where Woo Hyun is a "bad" guy and starts calling him a good for nothing and lazy bastard. Woo Hyun can't stand this of course and stops before she goes any further. He flips to a random page and tells her to read from there. She's like "Are you REALLY sure about this scene?...Okkayyy". She gets up to sit next to him then POUNCES! <3

Boy gotta calm down his male hormones. Thinks he's starting to like another male. Keeps on denying it by saying "I just haven't dated in a long time...yea....that's why" ;)

Friday, May 16, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 18-32 Part 1/2

Strangely he confront RX but doesn't spill the beans to his best friends...anyways I don't really remember what was happening at certain moments but I screen shotted the moments I thought were most important or seemed important. I JUST couldn't take Victoria's character anymore....I don't know if I'll even be able to finish this drama...but I'll try to...after I finish my others of course (KPOP Extreme Survival...yep just that).