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Sunday, May 18, 2014

KDrama: K-POP Extreme Survival

A bit too lazy to form my own summary of the drama so I'll just use the one from Wikipedia....well I'll try my best to summarize their summary of it.
Ji Seung Yeon has just been kicked out of classical music school. She dreams of becoming a hip hop legend and decides to try out for a male idol group, M2 Junior even though she's a girl. Her uncle is the CEO of the entertainment company so he allows her to continue with her facade. Only her best male friend, Ji Woo knows (he joins the group with her). But the team manager doesn't want Seung Yeon to stay any longer. Seung Yeon then meets M2 leader, Woo Hyung and the rest you'll have to see for yourself.

Can't believe that the main female lead is Mir (from MBLAQ) older sister and the male lead is Yoo Chun (from JYJ) younger brother. Can't wait to see the ending. The rest of the actors I'm too lazy to find out their names. All I know is that in the beginning I was super confused because there were two members of M2 Junior that had the EXACT same hair style. I swear, it was exactly the same. And I was like "Wait...isn't he in the group already?"

Anyways, this isn't really a recap but some a few screenshots of my favorite moments from the drama :)

Moment #1: When Seung Hyeong goes over to Woo Hyun's house to read his script for him because Woo Hyung can't read properly due to the bruise on his eye. Things sure do heat up!

She starts off with a scene where Woo Hyun is a "bad" guy and starts calling him a good for nothing and lazy bastard. Woo Hyun can't stand this of course and stops before she goes any further. He flips to a random page and tells her to read from there. She's like "Are you REALLY sure about this scene?...Okkayyy". She gets up to sit next to him then POUNCES! <3

Boy gotta calm down his male hormones. Thinks he's starting to like another male. Keeps on denying it by saying "I just haven't dated in a long time...yea....that's why" ;)

Moment #2: Woo Hyun sees Seung Yeon (SY) sneaking out of her dorm to follow a M2 Junior member (who leaves with his guitar every night and never reveals why). They end up at a club where they see the member performing a gig. Someone recognizes WH and SY pulls him out of there into a dark alley. A drunk man walked by and SY gets a bit too close to WH (to protect his identity I assume) and behold, the drunk man accidentally bumps into them and BAM. 

Moment #3: WH fervently denies his "feelings" for SY. Poor guy still thinks SY is a guy. Just like his brother, Yoo Chun who acted in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", his character also fell in love with a girl dressing up as a guy and didn't want to admit he was gay for his "best friend" but he was. Then relieved when he found that she had binding on. I watched it over the summer and had a week's long drama withdrawal symptoms when it was over.

Moment #4: SY rushes to the airport to act on her feelings before WH jets off to another country to film a drama or something. BUT the thing is that he didn't know she was a girl...yet. So to him, his hoobae was kissing him aka a man...which certainly threw his feelings into a whirlwind much like his brother's character in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and Gong Yoo's character in "1st Shop of Coffee Prince".

Moment #5: When EVERYONE finds out that SY is a girl. WH feels betrayed and tells her to go away but her Junior members understand her situation much faster. She goes into hiding for a bit...

Moment #6: There wasn't anything too special about this moment. Just thought that it applied to a lot of the lives of children whose parents are immigrants. We are kind of living their dream for them and becoming what they wanted to or what they want us to be in this country. Kinda applied to me but I'm coming to terms with the whole situation. The older sibling's gotta do what they gotta do or the younger one because the older one isn't always the more responsible one.

Moment #7: M2 performing! Go WH! They sang a song with the line "Baby sayy yes" but I don't know where it's from...

Moments #8&9: Kissy kissy~ <3

Moment #10: So IY decides not to spill SY's secret that she's a girl because she doesn't want to see WH unhappy BUT she quickly reverts back to her scheming self when she gives the photo and gossip to the rival entertainment company (that used to have her). But she does take the fall for the WH dating scandal which will supposedly ruin her career as a singer...Really? Come on over to the U.S. where celebs have wayyy worse scandals BUT that doesn't mean they stop being a singer. People eventually forget....

Moment #11: THE END?! I seriously did not expect this kind of ending that kind of left you hanging for more especially since the major problem that SY is a girl was not resolved yet and that Team Manager Han and the director haven't confessed their feelings to each other. Commenters on Viki said that there was supposed to be 2 more episodes but Channel A cut them so here we have this lackluster and kind of un-filling ending.

Okay, they love each other forever and ever. THE END. 

I really had to push myself to finish this drama because as much as I liked SY's character in the beginning I just couldn't stand her character later because WH showed her sooo much love but she hardly reacted to any of it. Or maybe it was the actress' fault? But I really did enjoy Park Yoo Hwan (YOO CHUN'S LIL BRO) as WH, he did quite well and I can't wait to watch his new dramas!