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Thursday, May 22, 2014

KDrama: You're All Surrounded - Ep 1-4

HANDS UP! YOU'RE ALL SURROUNDED! We finally get to hear this line being said in episode 4, just a heads up :) I'm watching this drama for Go Ara (loved loved LOVED her in "Reply 1994") and Lee Seung Gi (loved loved him in "Gu Family Book"). So I just couldn't WAIT to watch this one especially since it's supposed to be more on the comedy side. 

Eo Soo Eon (Ara's character) meets Eun Dae Gu (Seung Gi's character) when they're teenagers. He's still in middle school at this time while she's in high school.

Dae Gu was born out of wedlock and his dad died before he was born (I'm assuming) so his mom raised him all on her own. She works at the nurse at his school. This specific part where he talks to his mom that she shouldn't feel sorry for not having a husband really touched my heartstrings because his words are words that I truly found to be inspiring since I say the same thing to my mom (in my mind) every day.

Cutie on the right ^,~ reporting for first day of work (as newbies) at the Violent Crimes division in Gangnam

First mission! Let's do this! TEAM WORK!

*cue smooth jazz background music* look at his bedroom! FREAKIN' NEAT AND SUAVE. Man swooning already. Btw, he's a model turned actor. Eye candy indeed!

12 hour stake out mission = FUNNIEST SCENE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A KDRAMA for quite a loooong time. Dae Gu farts in this scene and it was HILARIOUS, his stoic denial of it.

Smelling like trash but hey, at least they got the piece of gum that a robber spit out. Gotta use it for DNA evidence

Our 4 detective newbies manage to subdue a "criminal" whose just a guy that's down on his luck (laid off on his mom's death anniversary, everyone treats his like crap). 

No better way to end the episode than with a stroll in a park with cherry blossom trees billowing behind them in the wind. Dae Gu looks detached but Soo Eon always manages to rope him back together with the group. Can't wait to see the L<3 VE blossom between these two~