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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taiwanese Drama - Fall in Love With Me - Ep 1-6

Fall in Love With Me! So the basic plot is that Lu Tian Xing wants to take a break from the advertising industry and just so happens to bump into Tao Le Si (her name seriously sounds like "Teacher Tao") and pretends that he is a guy named Xiao Lu. So he starts to live a double life like he's some kind of secret agent~ But Aaron Yan as both LTX and XL is perfect, he's hot one moment and freakin' adorable the next.

First moment of skinship!!! Somebody couldn't hold their liquor and knocked out. And then the WHOLE Oz office found them like this the next morning. Of course, XL can't have all the fun...

Do you feel the sexual tension in this moment? Cuz I sure did~ 

TX was thisclose to getting discovered by his COO at Tian Ji Advertising but luckily Butler Fu came to save the day! I read a comment saying that LX is like Batman and Butler Fu is his Alfred (Batman's butler). But I seriously did start to wonder why LX was literally sabotaging his own company. He is still responsible for all the employees at Tian Ji but he acts of his own free will...I hope his company will be able to stay....OH! Maybe once Tao Zi (TZ) loves him as LTX then they'll be able to like merge their advertising companies! PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN, DRAMA GODS.

Someone's in love with TZ...

so. much. skin. ship.

this was kinda creepy and cute only because we knew of his whole double persona thing.

only thing TZ knows how to bake....c'mon it's boxed cake mix. just follow the directions.

this moment was like an explosion of magicalness. man, if a guy ever surprised me like this on my birthday after an awesome day at the amusement know you've found the one <3 which fireworks and fake snow and that beautiful carousel~~~

so he gets sick from getting splashed with water after trying to win her a stuffed toy at the amusement park (what kind of game is that...) and then this moment happens <3 CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE IN DA AIR?

too too cute!

this proves to be A LOT harder than XL thought it was gonna be cuz she kinda hates LTX

what is with dramas and forced kisses? NO. just NO. no matter how hot the guy is, just NO. why? because the girl/guy isn't willing in the first place~ i know this kinda thing is popular in mangas and dramas but word of advice to all the guys out there: no girl wants to be kissed like this. 

LTX comes to save the day! Leo didn't show up for the presentation to Samsung (cuz he was being a hero and took an injured person to the hospital) and told XL to sub for him. Then XL decided that "XL is kinda lame...LTX is gonna have to appear to get the job done (he does know that he's stealing business from his own company or maybe he's blinded by love). This seriously reminds me of "Secret Garden" where the male pursued the female lead so much and she rejected him so many times until she finally started to like him back. I feel like that's the way this drama might unfold.

Well gotta wait till next week's episode now!