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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Choovely Family - Yuto visits Sarang

So I decided to do a post for "The Return of Superman" because the one post that I did on it is currently my most popular post so onto episode 19! Probably going to be the last post I'll do for the reality show because as much as I love it, it's quite a lot of work trying to capture the right moments when they're all moving so fast (that can't really be helped because they're all still little kids)

I took A LOT of screen shots of this 95 minute episode....yea currently I have almost 50 screenshots. I'll most likely categorize each post according to the family.

Firstly, my favorite little girl, Sarang! In this episode she sees her "boyfriend" Yuto and she acts like a lady in front of him while he acts like how she would normally act when she's just around Sunghoon (her papa).

Sunghoon's all like "WHAT IS THIS? Did this happen when I wasn't around?" His reaction sure was funny or at least the show's producers made it out that way.

Sarang has a boyfriend named Yuto~ He's in the same kindergarten class as her apparently and likes to kiss'll see soon ;) He's kind of hot/cold with her in the beginning and then has bursts of passionate kiddy love towards her.

Sarang refuses to brush her teeth..until Yuto gifts her a toothbrush. She loves him, she loves him~

Tokyo's cutest dancing couple! I love Yuto's rosy chubby cheeks~

Behave or else the GOBLIN is going to come and get youu... (it was actually just an app that Sunghoon had on his iPhone; effective)

Poor Sarang hit her head on the table as she was trying to get down. I know this is wrong but it was kind of cute and funny how she was putting all her toys into the basket while crying at the same time. Stay strong Saranggg~

Meet Sarang's male counterpart, Yuto. Yuto= eating machine just like Sarang. 

Meanwhile, Sarang turns into a graceful young lady who blows on her soup gently before slowly slurping it into her mouth. Cutest thing everr! Sarang's like a shy girl in love~~

Yuto's too cute!

OMO. WHAT. Wow, did NOT expect Yuto to be so forward. Totally like a guy in a bar trying to pick up chicks XD But it was cute in this scene because they're still kiddies who don't really know the full meaning behind what a kiss is.
"WANNA KISS? ;)"- Yuto
"No. No kissing allowed. >:| " - Sunghoon

"TOO LATE >:D I live according to my own rules! Kiss whomever I wanna!" - Yuto

Nope, just a kiss to the forehead which is still romantic <3

But all's not rainbows and unicorns in this relationship...Sarang took his 3D glasses and wouldn't give them back causing both kiddies to burst into tears. How will Sunghoon get them to calm down? Find out in episode 20!