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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Haru

How good a dad is Tablo? Haru + strawberry farm = cutest thing ever! I love how Haru is so adorable when "interacting" with the strawberries and then the white puppy she names "Snowball" later in the episode.

Let's pick some strawberries! - Haru

Now let's eat them & take some home for mommy!! - Haru

Time to make some strawberry jam!! Coolest thing ever. I think I need to visit a strawberry farm in my life time. Most definitely adding it to my growing bucket list.

Haru meets Snowball, the puppy!

It's way too cute how she wants to take him home but Tablo can't give in to her request because they live in an apartment building and apparently next to an elderly man and they can't have a young puppy barking all the time :( Haru still can't let him go until Tablo asks "Will you stay here with the puppy or come home?"...She chooses home over the puppy and bids him farewell~~

preview for episode 20!