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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Return of Superman - Ep 19 - Jang Family - Junseo & Junu

Everyone's crowding around Junseo learning how to use actual chopsticks because he's going to 1st grade soon and is still using his training chopsticks. What a super duper supportive family ^^

But all is not smooth sailing in the Jang family residence...Junu is tasked with teaching Junseo the names of their grandparents and how to write them. Which proves to be a bit hard because Junseo DOES NOT like hard work.

Frustration settles in for both Jang brothers...BUT he eventually succeeds :)

Time for what (almost) every little kid fears: VACCINATIONS. Because for most vaccinations=needles being stuck into me. I personally hated vaccinations because I was super sensitive to the needle pinch and cried for most of the vaccinations during my childhood. As I got older, I stopped crying because I realized that even though it was a bit uncomfortable that little pin prick, it was nowhere near agonizing pain that I couldn't tolerate.

Jang papa was in the movie "Hwayi" with Yeo Jin Goo and took the Jang brothers with him to his radio interview about the movie.

Preview of episode 20!
Bold Junseo asks "Do you have many girlfriends?" as everyone else bursts out laughing. So so candid!