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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fall In Love With Me - Ep 7-8

I found this in a youtube video with BTS for the drama. It was WAY too adorable not to take a screenshot of. So I think I'll start all my recaps for this drama like this ^,^

When they were driving to a scouting location, TX(Tian Xing) starts to have a panic attack with all the railroad signs flashing that he can't drive the car forward. They calm down by the sea and he just hugs onto TZ(Tao Zi) and she doesn't push him away. Maybe just MAYBE she's slowly opening her heart to TX and not just focus on XL(Xiao Lu) all the time.

Boys will be boys fighting over TZ. It was fun reading the comments on Viki of watchers keeping track of who won each "battle".

TX tries to help TZ to make connections in the corporate world with bigger clients which ends in a huge mess. Wow, who knew that that guy with glasses was such a jerk. But I can't be all that mad at him because it is true that it's unfair to see TX supporting essentially a nobody who happens to be the company's rival ad agency. But seriously, this glasses guy just does everything he's told which doesn't make him that special because actually I think it's probably Lance who comes up with the ideas for ads, after all Lance is the COO while TX is busy pursuing TZ.

She cleans up at his place and returns all the fancy clothes he bought for her saying that she's had a taste of that world and she doesn't like it.

TX realizes that in order to not fall deeper into the huge mess he made with TZ as XL he must make XL disappear because XL doesn't exist....really do things have to be so heart breaking and complicated? Can't you just tell her that you love her and you are actually Lu Tian Xing. No doubt she'll get mad at you once she finds out this secret but XL is a part of TX. XL was just a way for TX to show his soft side to the world.

TX shows up to comfort the grieving TZ whose heart keeps on getting rejected by XL. It was really sad to see her go through all this heart ache :(