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Monday, June 2, 2014

When Love Walked In - Ep 18-32 Part II (kinda)

I just couldn't push myself to pummel through 6 more episodes of this I just watched the last episode, episode 32. Xiao Fen (the one with a short orange bob) basically summarized everything that happened in the last 6 episodes when Shang Ling wakes up from his coma: Brett was arrested, the Yuan Group is re-building, Shang Ling was a spy for the Gramps, AND Yu Jiang (that jerk) left so that Ya Yin could be with Shang Ling and then the most surprising part was that she was like "okay, I'll marry him". NO. NO. NO! Go chase after that man who keeps on dumping you then getting you back then dumping you again. Man, he sure is hot and cold with his actions towards her. DO YOU LOVE HER OR NOT? Geez...
Anyways, in the end everyone has someone. Shang Ling gets Xiao Fen (did they even really "like like" each other that much?) and Shang Ling's sister gets together with the guy that had a crush on her since they were kids I'm guessing. And FINALLY YJ and YY are together. They're all happy sitting together at the table eating. 

And we suddenly cut to their wedding scene and off they go to their honeymoon somewhere...on a boat.

And they all lived happily ever after. Yipee.