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Sunday, June 1, 2014

You're All Surrounded - Ep 5-8

Have you ever wanted to reach into the screen of a drama and slap a character across the face? I finally have. Oh man, this prosecutor character is the absolute WORST. He's totally corrupt and should be kicked out of the office ASAP. Seo Pan Seok gave him a well deserved punch to the face!

On a more light-hearted note, I think our Dae Gu might be falling for Soo Seon~~ She bumped into his chest when she was sleeping over after they all celebrated their first arrest. SCANDALOUS~

Second super sad moment in the drama (the first being when Dae Gu's mom was murdered right in front of him). A little boy is found dead after a hit and run accident. Turns out Seo Pan Seok's son with the Seo Kyal also died in the same way (because Pan Seok was working on a case and too busy to pick the kid up so the kid left by himself). First question is WHY DID THE FREAKIN' KINDERGARTEN LET THE POOR KID LEAVE BY HIMSELF? What kind of school is that?!

After much work they FINALLY catch the no-good cruel rich guy who hit the kid who no regrets

Soo Seon ALMOST figures out Dae Gu's real identity but he shushes her with a surprise kiss witnessed by Pan Seok. Man his reaction was sooo funny to watch! I was cracking up in my seat when he reacted to their kiss in the locker room. Things were PRETTY awkward the next day. It was wayy too cute how they were avoiding each other.

Man, the guy is TOTALLY heads over heels for Soo Seon. Dae Gu was too scared to go to the coutryside bathroom by himself so he asked her to go with him. She starts dancing and singing while he's doing his business and he watches her for a bit after he's done as she keeps on singing and dancing (not too bad since Go Ara did sing "Start" for the drama "Reply 1994"). Lee Seung Gi can TOTALLY act. I might need to go and watch his other drama "King 2 Hearts". I totally loved him in "Gu Family Book"

Yayy Pan Seok gets to date his ex-wife San Kyeol again and things seem to be going on the right road until we see that lately he's been eyeing Soo Seon every once in a while. NO. She belongs with Dae Gu. You have San Kyeol BE HAPPY TOGETHER OKAY?

I love these moments when they tease each other <3 Can't wait to see the love BLOOM~

Major cliffhanger! Pan Seok finally figures out that Dae Gu is actually Ji Yong. UNTIL NEXT THRUSDAY AND FRIDAY!