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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fall in Love With Me - Ep 9-10

Just giving a heads up that I stopped watching it on this very episode because I just didn't like how the plot was developing. It felt a bit unrealistic and really all over the place. So this will be the last recap I do on this drama series. Sorry about that. I had meant to post this a while back but forgot all about it till now.

Leo v. TianXing

Improptu dinner hosted by yours truly (the man with the $$).
Super cheesy flirting and obviously trying to hit on a girl who's not interested.

Half hearted heart-to-heart between Luo Si's tiger mama and Tian Xing

Look whose getting catty~ But I do like her hairstyles and clothes in this drama.

Leo: the man who can let the girl he loves go
(I forgot her name & too lazy to look it up): the girl who won't let go of her first love 

Aww man, all the feels. JUST OPEN THE DOOR GOSH. Explain EVERYTHING to her and see if she'll still accept you. Much better than continuously lying to her and hurting her and yourself.

Random kiss scene. I don't remember why this was happening....