Pink Bobblehead Bunny

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"The Giver" Red Carpet Premiere

I was lucky enough to snag 2 tickets to this screening yesterday and although the wait was quite long, the whole screening was such an experience. It was at Ziegfeld Theatre which is known for it's glimmering chandeliers in its lobby and the gorgeous interior of the theatre. It definitely made me feel very classy. 

I managed to get in line for the movie at 5:00pm and waited over 2 hours before we got our tickets. I think we were one of the last few tickets they had left. It was chaos when we went inside. Which could have been solved if they had maybe let us in earlier. And they told us that they were going to conduct a bag search which I guess they gave up on because there was a massive rush to get everyone to their seats. Once we snagged our free popcorn and soda (woo-hoo free food!) we were literally hustled into the movie theater. People were shouting at us to get into the theater and to our seats for the movie was about to start. It was really confusing trying to find our seats for it was the first time we had ever been in that theater so we went up and down the stairs looking for them until we just gave up and asked a movie usher to help us. Thank goodness they were there to help us find our seats. Turns out someone else was sitting in OUR seats because someone else was sitting in their seats. So the usher simply just made us sit in what would have been their seats, moving our seats back by 2 rows. We had seats in the JJJ row but ended up sitting in the LLL row(very last row in the theater). But hey I wasn't complaining too much because I got a nice shot of the entire theater from my seat and the movie was free.

 I was unaware that this was the world premiere of the movie! Imagine my surprise when Jeff Bridges announced it ON STAGE! The whole main cast was there (except the actor who played the father). So I was kinda really starstruck! Lois Lowry was there too! World premiere indeed! IT WAS A FULL HOUSE!

Now onto the movie review. It was amazing! Although there were quite a few aspects different from the book (I had managed to read 6 chapters before they let us in) which I didn't mind because it made the movie more interesting to watch. I loved the role that color played in the movie. A wave of emotion came over me when Jonas crossed the boundary of memory. The acting was superb! And my favorite line, "Friends forever, right?". After the movie, there were staff handing out the Giver promotional products (which we totally managed to snag some because who doesn't love free stuff?). There were 5 different limited edition China Glaze nail polishes. The names of the polishes were: Seeing Red (bright red), Boundary of Memory(gray with gold flecks), Friends Forever Right?(white), Capacity to See Beyond(neon blue) and Five Rules(matte gray). Then we walked along and saw free sunglasses! All of them were black frames with neon-ish colored sides (neon blue, neon yellow and neon red). The primary colors! 

Overall it was an amazing experience to be able to attend the world premiere of this movie and hopefully I can snag tickets to some more screenings in the future!