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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Book of Mormon Musical!

Got SRO (standing room only) tickets after getting to the theater at 10:30am (for tickets to the 2:00pm show) after watching this rendition of "I Believe" at the Tony Awards 

 which made me go and decide "I must go get some tickets to this musical!". There were about 14 people ahead of me which was pretty okay. Just wish I had brought something to sit on because man I was tired from standing.

Got here wayy too early!
View from my "seat" aka standing position!

Stood waiting for 2 hours (sadly didn't win any tickets from the lotto but a man from Thailand did win one so good for him!) they began selling SRO tickets to the line of people that had formed (at 12:30). Woo-hoo $27 for a ticket! A staff member told us we should go grab some lunch then come back to the theater before 2:00 for the show. 

I made sure not to read the synopsis provided by Wikipedia so as to avoid spoiling anything for myself and man did I not regret it! The theater itself is really nice and I really liked the stained glass windows on the side that would light up in tune with the song. A few times it was a bit hard to hear what the actors were saying but other than that it was a great show! Definitely not for those that get easily offended or are sensitive about religious topics. As much as I wanted to be able to sit in one of the theater's nice comfy seats, standing room was pretty okay too.

Can't wait to check out the other musicals on Broadway!