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Monday, December 29, 2014

Update: Current Dramas I'm Following

So I know I haven't been really good at this whole blogging thing and I was thinking of starting up again but my laptop doesn't have enough memory to store all those screenshots anymore (it's already slow enough). So I figured I would just give series reviews of dramas instead of a episode by episode drama review.

Current dramas:

-City Hunter (currently on episode 14)

-Pinocchio (currently on episode 7)

-Birth of  Beauty (currently on episode 14)

Dramas to Start:

-Healer (haven't started yet)

And a few others that I've started but didn't get the time to finish or the drama didn't hold my interest long enough and so I stopped watching. Figured I would just watch the final episode of it to see how all the characters end up.

Happy Holidays all!