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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bride of the Century: Ep 1-7 Mini Recap

So I started this series on a whim and TOTALLY did not expect to fall completely heads-over-heels for this drama. BUT I DID! Lee Hong Ki is amazing in his role as Choi Kang-Ju (KJ) and I am loving Yang Jin Sung's portrayal as both the good Na Doo-Rim and the slightly snobby JangYi-Kyung. So of course I can't just fan girl by myself and thought I might as well blog as I watch the episodes! I won't be writing down every single moment I fan-girls scream but only the moments I think have some sort of importance in the overall plot...or I just love it so much I had to write about it! I feel that blogging and watching a drama at the same time kind of takes away the fun from watching it (this should not be coming from a girl who skimmed the recap about the final episode)

Episode 1-5 
  • Had some AMAZING moments including an accidental kiss, an almost kiss (leaning against the wall), another almost kiss in his mansion in the middle of nowhere, and an intentional kiss by Kang-Ju (to prove that Doo-Rim posing as Yi-Kyung sees his as a man. Surely a unique way to get someone to see you as a man).
Episode 6
  • Yi-Kyung (YK) switches places with Doo-Rim (DR) just in time when Lee Roo Mi (omigosh I have never seen a female character so whiny and clingy and desperate before. Oh and also super nasty) plans a trap for DR to play the piano in a concert for kids. I almost thought Ghosty had somehow possessed DR but nope it was all YK. It was a pretty bad-ass moment and totally screwed up Roo Mi (RM)'s plan.
  • Doo-Rim almost loses her lucky charm bracelet given by the Lady Ghost (whom I affectionately call "Ghosty") whose somehow appearing as a human though she's most definitely a ghost to other characters in the show. Doo-Rim, she's so adorable, decides to take it back after Ghosty tells her something good will happen to her as soon as she puts it back on. And her pretend oppa, Yi Hyun, visits!
  • Relationship b/w Doo-Rim and her grandmother: how can a familial relationship get any cuter and more supportive?
  • KJ running out of his office when YK drops his call: care for DR but instead YK receives it...
  • KJ overhears his dad confronting his mom about an ulterior plan she might have (her belief that YK will die due to the curse on their family; the first wife of the first born son dies) and so allows their marriage hoping that she'll be able to bring in RM as KJ's second wife. KJ ain't happy about this...
  • WHOA! KJ knows about Ghosty's existence?
Whoops, looks like I wrote a bit much for episode 6 hehe. I'll try to reduce it for the remaining episodes. Loving their character development of KJ (he's become lovey-dovey and soft all of a sudden)

Episode 7
  • Turns out Ghosty is the being that supposed to protect whomever is the owner of KJ's current house! What a twist...I KNEW SHE WAS GONNA BE A GOOD GUY! Although the initial portrayals of her as creepy was kinda scary...
  • So KJ decides he'd rather have YK than RM as a wife and cancels their engagement to save her~ Aww you sly cutie
  • WTF. YH has a ring in his pocket...don't tell me he plans to propose to DR right? DUDE. She doesn't even like you like that! You didn't even tell her you liked her! Ohh what an air of misunderstanding
  • Haha in RM's face! KJ asks her if she wants to marry him and now that she knows why his mom is letting him marry YK first, she doesn't want to marry him first anymore but is she that dense that she can't take a hint that he doesn't care about her AT ALL?
  • DR finally gets her own restaurant given by YK's mom BUT there are ulterior motives (to get her in Seoul; to amend the situation at hand)
  • DR won't back down without a fight! I soo wish she and KJ end up together. She's changing him for the better!
Maybe I shouldn't be recapping EVERY single episode...