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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bride of the Century: Ep 12-14 Mini Recap

Episode 12-14

  • Oh man, do you hear Kang Joo and Doo Rim's hearts breaking each time they see each other? So much drama! I wonder how they're going to get out of this mess and end up together.
  • Roo Mi isn't as clingy as she was before. She was actually the one who told Kang Joo about the existence of Doo Rim as being the girl he is truly in love with, not Yi Kyung.
  • Of course, Roo Mi and Yi Kyung clash horns when Yi Kyung tells her to find a new job because she would probably be uncomfortable addressing Yi Kyung as her superior. Still waiting for the good guys to win!

  • How cute is it that Roo Mi is finally rooting for Kang Joo and Doo Rim? She even goes to her restaurant to get drunk in the middle of the day! Haha. But it's kind of sad that she has no other friends she can vent to. 
  • SURPRISE SURPRISE! Kang Joo goes to the press conference to announce his wedding plans to Yi Kyung BUT instead he tells the story of how he fell in love with Doo Rim and that the woman he loves is "NA DOO RIM" not Yi Kyung! Yes he finally stopped letting everyone push him around in this mess!
  • From the previews, it looks like the evil mom is going insane...
  • Holy moly! So KJ's mom finally stands up to the evil mom after KJ reveals to the press that his grandma committed murder in the past and now their family is accepting any punishment but while he's announcing this, his grandma passes away
  • Evil mom is arrested for the attempted murder of Doo Rim but is released after Yi Kyung gives KJ's mom her stocks in Taeyang back.
  • Yi Kyung gives it all up and decides to commit suicide which leads to evil mom going insane. She seemed pretty calm about the whole situation till this happened.
  • Evil mom visits Doo Rim in her restaurant and goes to choke her to death. THEN suddenly Doo Rim transforms into the Ghosty! Turns out the evil mom (in a past reincarnation) had choked Ghosty to death after Ghosty had given birth, Doo Rim (in a past reincarnation) had witnessed this and then as evil mom was trying to choke the baby to death, Doo Rim grabbed it from her and ran away with it. SUDDEN TURN OF EVENTS!