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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bride of the Century: Ep 15-16 Mini Recap

  • Woo! Can you believe it's already the pen-ultimate episode? 
  • Turns out that evil mom used to be a nanny in the past to a lady and this lady was married to a lord. This lord took a sudden interest in Ghosty who happened to be mute and deaf but I think she could read lips. She had no name so he gave her the name "Byul" which means star. They fell in love and the lady was jealous and not happy. Evil mom nanny saw this and decided on a plan to get rid of her.
  • Byul gives birth to a healthy baby boy but evil mom nanny chokes Byul to death and goes on to choke the baby too till Doo Rim (her daughter in the past) walks in and stops her and grabs the baby.
  • The lady of the house decides to keep the child as hers and tells evil mom nanny to get rid of Byul's body and leave. Evil mom nanny starts going insane in her room.
  • Yi Kyung is still alive! But she has no reaction to anything and just stays in her room all day long. 
  • News gets out about Yi Kyung's attempted suicide and how Doo Rim stole her fiance and everyone is unhappy about it. So Doo Rim decides to leave Seoul and go somewhere with her grandmother to start anew and stay low for a while without telling Kang Joo where.
  • Doo Rim sends a farewell message to Yi Kyung and this apparently forces YK to realize that her and her mom have been the ones doing wrong the entire time. She goes to tell her mom that DR did nothing wrong BUT evil mom is going insane so she sees YK as DR for one moment and then as Byul in the next.
  • So evil mom ends up in the hospital as a mental patient. I didn't really know how Byul was going to make her "pay" for her deed in killing Byul in the past...that part was still left a bit ambiguous.
  • Byul and Doo Rim stand at the top of a cliff looking over the sea and...DR rubs her belly?! I KNOW that this means she's pregnant but HOW? Did Byul somehow get KJ's sperm inside DR or something? Haha it still doesn't make sense how Doo Rim got pregnant since her and KJ never "did it"...BUT this is drama land so~
  • She gives birth to a boy named "Kang Rim"! And a year and a half later, she finally reunites with KJ...just waiting for him to find her. And all the loose strings get tied up!
  • But now Byul is no longer wearing dark clothing! She's wearing lots of white flowy dresses.

Yay happy ending! Took longer than I had expected to watch the entirety of it because some parts definitely lost my interest with the multiple "push-pull" scenarios.