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Monday, January 5, 2015

Bride of the Century: Ep 8-11 Mini Recap

Episode 8-11
  • Doo Rim decides to stake her life for her love, Kang Joo! She goes to Yi Kyung's evil mom to make a deal to let her get married to KJ as Yi Kyung and if she manages to stay alive then she gets to stay by Kang Joo's side. 
  • Doo Rim and Kang Joo get married by themselves in a chapel! It's such a precious moment to watch and they spend their first night together.
  • Ghosty is actually good! I KNEW IT! Evil mom is waiting in the shadows of KJ's cabin in the woods where Doo Rim and Kang Joo are spending their first night together as a married couple. Ghosty comes along in her scary make up and outfit and puts evil mom and her driver to sleep. You go ghosty!
  • Turns out Ghosty was just making sure that Doo Rim truly truly loved Kang Joo and was only testing her by asking her if she would die for her love for Kang Joo. But now that Doo Rim is safe, she's a threat to all the other contenders who want her dead 
    • evil mom of Yi Kyung- smiling on the outside, scheming in the shadows. Ooo so scary!
    • Yi Kyung- I feel as though she has a smidge of a conscience under all that heavy eyeliner and glaring. But she's going along with whatever her mom is telling her to do for now
    • Kang Joo's mom- she waited for Kang Joo's dad's first love to die so she could take her place. Might have been possible due to her mom crashing her car into KJ's dad's first love! Still don't know what truly happened yet...turns out her mom did kill KJ's dad's first love/bride in order to get her own daughter wedded to KJ's dad. OMG moment. Evil mom uses this knowledge as leverage against KJ's mom to do whatever she wants them to do.
    • Roo Mi- dislike her. Dense when she needs to be aware of the situation (Kang Joo DOES NOT and will NEVER like you!) but highly clever and acute when it comes to finding dirt on Yi Kyung/Doo Rim. Haha but she catches on that Yi Kyung and Doo Rim are two different people and I think she's set on exposing the situation to Kang Joo since she essentially has nothing to lose.
  • Evil  mom tries to get her 2 henchmen to kill Doo Rim ...or injure her I guess. But fear not! Yi Hyun is on the trail! He tracks her down to a junkyard and finds her all taped up and injured in a car. However the henchmen find out and beat the living daylights out of Yi Hyun while Doo Rim is on the side screaming her head off. Then men in black show up...sent by Kang Joo's mom? Yep she sent them and good thing too otherwise Doo Rim and Yi Hyun might have both ended up dying.
  • Yi Kyung replaces Doo Rim's place next to Kang Joo for a few days and he doesn't notice till he realizes that Yi Kyung doesn't remember a lot of the things that he did with Doo Rim and starts making up stuff that happened with Doo Rim but Yi Kyung gives the wrong answers and episode 11 ends with him asking Yi Kyung "Who are you?" FINALLY!