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Thursday, January 1, 2015

City Hunter: Series Review

I started watching "City Hunter" not really knowing what to expect. Although the plot intrigued me at first (a guy watches his best friend and comrades get shot by sniper bullets from their own country and then kidnaps the newborn son of his best friend to raise with a revenge mindset). But as the series dragged on, literally I swear that episode 13-17 were just filler episodes or something because everything was progressing soo slowly! It was episode 18 where things really started to pick up pace.

*Spoilers ahead; you have been warned*

The prosecutor, Kim Hyun Joong, gets brutally beaten to the brink of death while trying to get the location of the secret book from the evil chairman, the 4th guy involved in the sweep mission. Lee Yoon Sung, our city hunter, finds the book just in time before the car gets crushed in a junkyard. Alas, he was too late to save the prosecutor who decided to walk into a dragon's den without ANY sort of weapons. Just him and his fists. Since when did he learn how to fight? Well, because he did not think to bring any sort of weapon with him, with his back turned, he gets a blow to the head with a metal pipe. Game over for the prosecutor. Our city hunter speaks with the prosecutor in his last moments, revealing that he knows that Yoon sung is the city hunter, and to go catch the bad guys and reveal the secrecy of the sweep mission to the entire nation. And then the prosecutor dies. His character was actually growing on me because he was the only one with enough guts to confront the general (the guy who kidnapped Yoon sung when he was a newborn and raised him to carry out his revenge plan on the 5 guys who ordered the sweep mission) that his revenge plan was very warped and had no real basis while he understood the reason for Yoon-sung's revenge plan. But no happy ending for the prosecutor or his ex-wife, Sae-Hee, which is especially sad because in a few hours before his death he had promised to come back and it looked like they were going to start afresh together.

Yoon-sung is a step too late in trying to stop the general from killing the 4th guy. And it's finally revealed who the 5th guy is, the president. And if that isn't enough, he also happened to have an affair with Lee Kyung Hee, Yoon-sung's birth mom, so *surprise* he's actually Yoon-sung's biological father. But Moo Yul was the one who married Kyung Hee knowing this, to protect her and if he hadn't been killed in the sweep mission than he would have probably raised Yoon-sung as his own. But instead Jin-Pyo (the general) raised him in Thailand while running a drug dealing operation. How and why he got into drug dealing I'll never know.

How did he even learn the language so quickly and build up his own drug base operation? And how in the world did Yoon-sung never know? Or did he know but remained ignorant about it? I don't really know how "righteous" the deeds of the city hunter are when all the money that was used to buy everything was drug money.

So fast forward to the very last 10 minutes of the episode (where all the interesting things happen). The president is ready for the general to come and take his life. But *dun-dun* Yoon-sung appears and they both draw their guns against each other. Father and son. Then, as if we don't already have enough plot-twists, Yoon-sung points the gun at himself! This takes the general by surprise just a little bit and just as both are about to shoot their guns, the president shouts for them to stop. And the general tries to shoot the president BUT Yoon-sung rushes in front of him and gets shot instead. Which prompts Kim Na Na (city hunter's love interest; on/off girlfriend I guess) who also happens to be a Blue House security guard (don't know how she qualified, given the only skills I've seen her show are judo flips and gun shooting...she also managed to get kidnapped TWICE) shoots Jin Pyo in the heart too. And after he gives a speech saying that he was the one responsible for all the deeds that are attributed to the city hunter, he drops the bullets in his gun to the floor and points his bullet-less gun towards the security guards who have surrounded them and they all shoot him.

As the general is slowly dying from the wounds, Yoon-sung crawls towards him and they each inch their hands together until their hands are clasped. And that's how the general dies. It was definitely a very moving moment. I haven't cried as much at any other moment besides when the prosecutor died.

Flash forward to the future! Now it's unsure if Yoon-sung survived his bullet wound or not but given he only got shot ONCE and it didn't look like it struck the heart, I assumed he survived. And as we see Na na walking in the airport with a suitcase, he appears! And they smile at each other. Ooo why so mysterious you guys? So while he was recovering, he didn't see her not even once? And his mom is moving to America with his uncle to run a Korean-food restaurant. But he's not going? The ending of the show definitely left me with more questions that answers. And the very last scene shows Yoon-sung driving into the night in his sports car. THE END.

It was a roller coaster ride at first and then it stagnated and became like a kiddie train ride only to go back onto an extreme roller coaster track.