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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Current Favorite Korean Actors! Pt 1/3 | Models Turned Actors

I think I've watched enough kdramas and Korean movies or read enough articles about them to finally form a list of my favorites! (Or other people like to call them "my bias'"). There's the models turned actors, the actors who also perform in musicals and the idol/actors!

The reason I like most of them is because not only are they good at acting (being handsome helps with that too hehe) but they also seem to have likable off-screen personalities! Sooo that being said, I found pictures and/or GIFs showing both their handsome sides and their cute sides ^^

Ended up with too much text on this post so I made it into two posts (okay nvm I'll just do three)!

First up, the models turned actors!

Kim Young Kwang (28) ♥ Pinocchio
-saw him in the movie "Hot Young Bloods" with Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk but his character in the movie didn't leave any impression on me. But his character in "Pinocchio" sure did. A mama's boy who ventured into the world of the media for fun only to find out some dark secrets about his mom whose like a devil hiding behind an angel's face.

Those puppy eyes!

Whew the jackets must be warm if he's taking them off ;)

Lee Jong Suk (25) ♥ Pinocchio
-didn't really follow him till I saw his explosive chemistry with Park Shin Hye in "Pinocchio". Man he can cry and he definitely is becoming a better actor by the day. I should try to see some of his other dramas too!

The model
The cutie! *buing buing*

Kim Woo Bin (25) ♥ The Heirs
-fell in love with those manly eyebrows in "The Heirs" and am currently waiting for his new movie "The Technicians" with Lee Hyun Woo to get subbed in English so I can see him act again ^^ Also managed to find a Dramafever post with TONS of gifs of Woo Bin being a cutie so ...I'll just include them here!

His movie poster for "The Technicians". So dreamy!
Get ready for cutie Woo Bin~

If you want some more, check out the article by Dramafever here!

Lee Kwang Soo (29) ♥ Running Man
-he always seems to be the underdog in Running Man, so I'm always rooting for him! And he's quite tall too :) Wish he could get a bit more muscular then maybe he would be offered more manly roles!

No mustache or bowl cuts for him! Lookin' good!
Flashback to when he was a professional model. Them abs!
Stay true to yourself, flower boy
Song Joong Ki (bestie) and Ji Hyo (big sis)

To see more of the character of Kwang Soo on Running Man, check out Soompi's article here!

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