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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Current Favorite Korean Actors Pt 2/3 | Just Actors

Second, just actors (who occasionally venture into other genres)

 = when I fell for them

Ji Chang Wook (27) ❤ Healer 

-I haven't fully finished any of the dramas he's appeared in yet but based on watching his interviews I will definitely devote some time to his dramas once the schoolwork lightens up a bit (it never will). He's a cutie~ Heard that he's gonna enlist soon for his 2 year mandatory army service. He's also appeared in musicals too (before jumping to on-screen acting). For more info about this cutie visit his fan site where the bloggers in charge work hard to pump out English translations of all things about him!

Cutie getting scared by the shock of a lie detector

Ko Soo (36) ❤ Love 911

-only saw one of his movies "Love 911" and thought he was awesome in it! He's so handsome ^^ He's gonna be co-starring as Park Shin Hye's love interest in her historical movie "The Tailors". Off the market as well~

He was all levels of cute in "Love 911"

Ji Sung (37) ❤ Kill Me Heal Me

-OMG he's doing a great job as the male lead in "Kill Me Heal Me" with his co-star from his other drama "Secret Love". His character has dissociative identity disorder and he's doing a great job in portraying them all as different people. Of course, it's all hair style and clothing but he completely transforms into a different person so props to him!! And not to mention he's a father-to-be with his just as talented wife, Lee Bo Young! Even though he's officially off the market, doesn't stop him from gaining fangirls! (example: me)

How cute are they!
Relationship Goals!
Heart right back at 'cha!
Awesome job as Shin Se Gi, the playboy/badboy in him (1 of 7 personalities)

Lee Hyun Woo (21) ❤ Secretly Greatly

-me and my cutie actors. Hyun Woo is quite a cutie too and is still currently playing the roles of teenagers. But I would like for him to move beyond that and play a more manly role. He has youthful features so it might be hard and he might have to work out more to get muscles but I believe in him!!

Yes these photos are from my personal archives...from when I fell for him hard
Cutie with a bowl haircut in the Korean remake of Hana Kimi. Eye smile ^^
Hair transformation! Loved this style on him. Suits him ^^
Don't be sad!

Noh Young Hak (21) ❤ Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire

-the first actor I truly truly went fangirl crazy over after I saw him in "Jung Yi: The Goddess of Fire" as the younger version of the male lead. He did a great job and I couldn't wait to see him mature! He also got his first adult role in "Who Are You" as a rookie police officer. He was alright in it...the drama wasn't really my style. I had a whole folder with his pics but deleted them all cuz I was falling out of love with him...but still rooting for him! 

Yoo Yeon Seok (30) ❤ Reply 1994
-Chilbong ah! Cried for his unrequited puppy love for his first love in "Reply 1994" and haven't seen his other movies yet but I did watch him in the TVN show "Youth Before Flowers" where he went to Laos with two of his Reply 1994 co-stars and he took such good care of them all~

Chilbong. Baseball star. Gangster shoulders yo.
With his bestie, Sun Ho Jun
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