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Friday, January 2, 2015

KDrama OST Flashback Friday - Gu Family Book's "Don't Forget Me" and "Best Wishes to You"

Ahh I loved this moment when he saw her in a hanbok and maybe realized that the "guy" was actually a full fledged girl. Of course, his comment that she looked weird didn't quite help her self-esteem and the next day she went back to wearing her more comfortable outfit of top and pants.

I have two favorite OSTs from this drama:

the first is "Don't Forget Me" by Bae Suzy
She has such a nice voice for ballads! After I finished watching this drama, this was my favorite song for a while. I just feel so much emotion from the tune of the song even though I don't know what she's saying.

the second is: "Best Wishes to You" by the One
Ohh how I loved Seung gi's love story unfold as much as his parents' love story that eventually was amended and came to a close. And Choi Jin Hyuk was fantastic in his role! Had me crying even though he was supposed to be a demon soul stealer during the second half of the drama (he was a hottie alright?). He also sang a cover of this song that's featured in the drama.
Happy Friday!