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Friday, May 29, 2015

KDrama OST Flashback Friday- Kill Me Heal Me OST: Secrets Can't Tell by Moon Myung Jin

I JUST finished "Kill Me Heal Me" and it was a really great drama! And with all great dramas, drama withdrawal also accompanies the end of it. Those few days when you're not sure what to spend your free time doing now that you've finished the drama. Like you want the story to continue but that would only drag out a great story line which would take away from the greatness of the drama. So I've drifted to "Me Too, Flower" but I'm not really too in love with it. I don't really get the plot all too much and I'm sure it'll improve soon enough but I'm very picky with my dramas. If it doesn't hook me by the first two episodes I usually end up giving up on it and skipping to the ending or something. ANYWAY, here's an OST I can't stop singing recently from the "Kill Me Heal Me" drama.