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Monday, May 25, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me Series Overview!

Wahh I still can't believe that I've finally finished this drama. It was well worth the wait! It was so good that I didn't want it to end with just 20 episodes. It was a happy ending (I love my happy endings) although I am a bit curious about what happened to Ki Joon and Chae Yeon. They were kind of neglected of any mention in the epilogue scene. It did feel a tad bit rushed when 5 out of the 6 personalities "disappeared" or "left" all in the final episode.

But it was a nice farewell and we had scenes that were less focused on the drama of what happened 21 years ago in the mansion (the fire and the disappearance of Cha Do Hyun which was actually Oh Ri Jin's birth name before her birth mom died in a car accident and she got adopted by the Oh family). Turns out Cha Do Hyun's dad (birth name: Cha Joon Young) was abusing Oh Ri Jin every time poor Do Hyun messed up at anything AND kept her locked in the basement too. So Do Hyun in his Se Gi mode set a fire to the basement while in agony and tears. Poor poor kid...Anyway! Here are the screenshots I took from the last two episodes!

Last side comment about their amazing relationship! Ri Jin was never "afraid" of his multiple personalities but rather came to care for each of them and would know how to deal with them as well. I think a large part of her ability to adapt to his personalities stems from her background as a psychiatrist which means she's more open minded to these things than normal people might be. I think she might be one of my favorite all time kdrama characters yet too! She's tough and can fight to some degree and a bit brazen almost like a tomboy without losing her sympathy for others. Much like how she cares so much about Do Hyun's well being and reached out to him when no one else bothered to really understand him (well I think their past together also helps out in this aspect) that she forgoes an opportunity to study abroad to stay in Korea as his secret physician.

OMG How romantic is the backdrop? Like this is the perfect spot for a romantic date with all the beautiful lights and Cinderella-esque carriage. It's wonderfully magical!!

First personality to go? Our 40 year old ahjusshi, Perry Park. "Perry Park" is the name of the boat that Do Hyun's dad wanted to buy before he became crazy. Sometimes I speak with his satoori just cuz. There must a 40 year old ahjumma living in my mind haha.

A new personality appears! Mr. X!

Farewell, Ahn Yo Na (you sassy teenage fan girl who goes after whatever your heart desires) and Ahn Yo Sub (quiet and reserved teenage boy who has yet to break out of his shell). This scene with Yo Na and Oh Ri On was SERIOUSLY HILARIOUS. 

Good bye...

Then we meet the bear, Nana and the owner of the bear, Cha Do Hyun (actually the younger version of Oh Ri Jin)

And we meet Mr. X for the second (and last) time.

I had confused emotions for this next scene where Do Hyun's grandmother says that she'll wait for him to return to the company after he's been properly treated. I was all like "Where in the world did this nice and genuine attitude come from? After treating him like crap for the entire series?" Maybe it's the rare occurrence that her son woke up from his 21 year coma? I don't know but it was like she was an entirely different person...

And the hardest good bye, to Shin Se Gi. His farewell present? Two kisses!


Looks like Ri On has changed his hairstyle a bit and is picking up girls where his books are selling haha. Too bad this girl does the same actions as Yo Na and triggers not so pleasant memories hehehe.


So farewell drama! You were an amazing way to spend my first few weeks of summer vacation! Ji Sung seriously better win awards at the MBC drama awards ceremony for his performance. He took on each personality and even though it was him playing all 7 characters it felt like 7 different actors! He was that good. I loved loved this drama so so much.