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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me: Current Thoughts

Omona. Can I just say how much I absolutely LOVE "Kill Me Heal Me"? The scenes are so well written and in some serious scenes there is always some comic relief which I really enjoy seeing! I think this has to be my favorite drama so far! The acting is great and the chemistry between the two leads is amazing too! And best of all, the main female heroine is a tough psychiatrist! How cool is that! I was already in love with their theme song since way way back when the drama first aired but sadly I couldn't make any time in my busy school schedule to squeeze in a drama. So I waited for all the episodes to come out and am now finally watching it. But ohmo, it is amazing!!!! Haha. I really wish I could do a recap for the drama but it's stressful to have to worry about capturing the perfect screenshot and enjoy the drama at the same time. I think I'll just enjoy the drama this time hehe.

Cha Do Hyun's 6 different personalities hehe.

Missing Ahn Yo Sub (Yo Na's twin brother) here; the suicidal personality

What time is it? GIF TIME! (My favorite kind of picture)

Shin Se Gi being a cool kid in a chair.

AHN YO NA! Sassy teenage girl. Love her scenes. Ji Sung definitely brought her to life.

Okay last GIF of my second favorite personality...JUST KIDDING I LOVE ALL OF THEM ESPECIALLY BAD BOY, Shin Se Gi! (Well all the ones that have appeared in the drama up to episode 14 since that's the episode I'm currently on). To also prevent myself from accidentally seeing any spoilers on the Tumblr.

This will be me if I ever see Park Chan Yeol in person.