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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lee Hyun Woo Photos Unloading

Hi hottie.
Finally deciding to clear up some space on my computer and upload all the images of Lee Hyun Woo that I've liked and decided to keep!

*Credits to all owners of the photos

Now are you ready for the onset of the cutie who's becoming a hottie that is Lee Hyun Woo? He's gotta be more active on social media. Omo, don't even get me started on my current bias PARK CHAN YEOL. I seriously have a folder on my phone dedicated to him...which I will upload soon hehe.

Hottie/cutie status!

Yeh he plays soccer too~

This photoshoot by Star1 turned our cutie into a hottie!!

Uhhh he was super duper cute in this movie. Hoping he can get more grown up roles soon.