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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Smile for us, our Happy Virus!! ^^
Can I tell you how I fell hard for Chan Yeol just by watching one episode of "Exo Next Door" and I was all like "who's this cutie". And things just went on from there. Since that fateful night in April, I've read all the translated fan accounts I could find (from when EXO does fan signings or concerts), his interviews both from magazines and TV, omona. Thank you to ALL the EXO-Ls out there who translate from Korean to English so I can be a little closer to understanding who exactly is this charming boy, Park Chan Yeol.

And here are all the photos I've saved from my phone!

Still a big fan of EXO but the fan girl fervor is not as strong as it was a month ago.

During finals week, I was listening to my EXO playlist on repeat and even though I have no clue what they're saying I can hum along now!

I'm totally not digging his new white hair =_=' all the other members have dark colored hair and he's the only one who looks like a marshmallow exploded on his head. I miss his hair color from the "Call Me Baby" promotion period. It was purple ash grey with a dark brown undertone. You'll see!

From "Growl" promotions

Then his photos from the "Call Me Baby" album. Not my favorite but he's still hot!

"Overdose" promotions

"Miracles in December" almbum promos

So Chan Yeol starred in 2 episodes of "Dating Alone" which is a dating simulation show where you pick choices that ultimately decide on the outcome of your relationship with Chan Yeol. Here he's supposed to be a sunbae (older than you) from elementary or high school. And you've had a crush on him since then hehe. Did the TV producers hear about my initiation into the EXO fandom? And yes I did watch both episodes with ENGLISH SUBS! WOOHOO!

Look at his gorgeous hair! Helps me pick him out from the sea of brown/black colored hairstyles of all the EXO members when they're gathered.

Look at HIS MUSCLES!! I didn't even know he had any since he's as skinny as a stick.

I need to find the full video of this...*fan girling*


Got these lovely snapshots (below) from the KFC EXO music game app. Hehe. I played during finals week JUST to get his alarm tone.


WOW YOU MADE TO THE END OF THIS POST! Congrats! Now you can find out what my favorite song by EXO was (only because of Chan Yeol). Like seriously I'm so happy for him that he has a solo in the "Call Me Baby" song. And also in his other song "Transformer". Which you can listen to now!!