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Monday, June 15, 2015

How to Get to Mitsuwa from NYC

So on Friday I decided to take public transportation to attend the Japanese Gourmet Fair at Edgewater, NJ. Mitsuwa used to offer a free (then upped the price to $4) shuttle from NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal to their supermarket but sadly it got discontinued at the end of 2014. 

So that meant I had to commute from NYC to NJ which I had absolutely noo clue on how to get there. The Mitsuwa directions were really helpful! Now enough of my rambling and continue reading to see how I managed to go to Mitsuwa and return back to NYC in one piece.

First things first, take whatever subway that can get you to Times Square 42nd St. Then just follow the signs that point you in the direction of "Port Authority Bus Terminal".

Now if you're a worrywart like me who needs to know exactly where you're going and the layout of the place then I suggest you don't use the map of the Port Authority Bus Terminal and just get confused more and more the longer you stare at the map and try to make sense of it. Trust me, they have signs that direct you to exactly where you need to go.

You'll most likely pass by an AuBon Pain when you exit the subway part of the terminal and take escalators up to the Main Floor. It was quite fancy. I was all like "Ooo this place is so nice and clean!
And it doesn't smell like the subway!"

This floor is where you buy your tickets for the bus. Follow the signs for "Ticketing". Make sure you get in the line for "NJ Transit" and then just ask to purchase a zone 3 ticket ($4.25) for Bus #158 heading towards Fort Lee. Also ask to purchase the return ticket as well so you don't need to have the exact change on hand when you get on the #158 heading back to NYC.

Keep those tickets in a safe place! You don't wanna lose your $4.25 (makes me appreciate the $2.75 fare set by the MTA muuuchh more)

With the tickets in hand, I was on my way to Mitsuwa! I believe seniors and children pay a discounted fare for NJ transit tickets. They probably have the information on their website. If you see these three white statues, then you're probably at the Main Ticketing Plaza.

Right next to the ticketing plaza are escalators that will lead you up to Gate 202. If you see the stairs going up that point to Gate 202 then you're on the right track!

Finally, we've arrived in the right place! If you're unsure of anything don't be afraid to just ask strangers for help. After you go up the stairs, confusion might hit you as a swarm of people either rush towards you or the stairs leading to down to who knows where (Main Floor of the bus terminal most likely). Just keep on walking all the way to the end till you reach the end. You'll see the bus sign saying "158 Fort Lee".

The picture on the right is just what the waiting room looks like from the front. There were signs on the door to keep them closed because the waiting room was air conditioned and the AC sure looked on but I was sweating like crazy in there.

After what seemed like a looong wait, the bus finally arrived and boarding started! Wooow! Now I know why I had to fork over $4.25 for a one way ticket.

The buses had seats that you usually see in coach buses! That's totally a plus in my book!
If you want to take nice pictures of the harbor/river (I have no clue what it's called), sit on the right side of the bus! You'll be able to take all the pictures you want without capturing anyone else on the bus in your shot (So on the return trip, sit on the left side if you need to re-take any pictures from earlier in the day).

NJ Transit buses aren't set up in the same way as MTA buses. There are no red buttons with "STOP" on them, yellow tapes on the sides of the bus or even a yellow cord to pull to request a stop. There were a few yellow tapes scattered near the front of the bus but no other tapes were found in the back of it. So to answer those who might be wondering, yes pressing the red button will request the bus to be stopped at the next drop off. The bus stops are a bit different from NYC bus stops. There was no sign indicating what bus stopped here or even a time schedule. I guess you gotta do your research before you go. Otherwise you might just get lost.

I was only able to snap this not-so-great picture of a Michaels I saw on the way to Mitsuwa. If you see this, then you're almost at Mitsuwa! Once you pass by a Barnes & Noble and a Target, press the red STOP button!

My review of my day at Mitsuwa can be found on Yelp! I'll probably link it here if anyone is interested hehe.

After a fun and full day of shopping, eating and wandering Mitsuwa food court and supermarket, the bookstore next door and snapping tourist photos of the view behind Mitsuwa I was ready to return to NYC.

Similar to MTA buses, the bus going to NYC is on the opposite side of the street from where you got off earlier. Yes the bus stop does look kinda sketchy with no signs about what bus stops here but don't worry you're in the right place! But the stop isn't directly across from where you got off, it's kinda further up the street (look to the right).

And voila! You have successfully managed to not get lost on your commute to Mitsuwa from NYC and back! It's really a new experience traveling alone.

Friday, June 12, 2015

KDrama OST Flashback Friday: "It's Okay That's Love"

Promised that I wouldn't go crazy with the OSTs again! Haha. Gotta keep some to use for future posts! So I'm just choosing this one for now. Whenever I hear this song I always think of this drama. Well probably because they wrote the song FOR this drama haha. On a side note, I wanted to commented on Hae Soo's clothes. She never looked bad in anything she wore! She always pulled it off somehow even though the clothes weren't exactly the most "stylish" ones. I guess it might be because both leads are beautiful people that can wear anything and still look good which tricks us not-so-beautiful people into buying the same wardrobes!

Friday, June 5, 2015

KDrama OST Flashback Friday: Healer OST (Theme Song)

This is probably my favorite "song" from the drama! It's not technically a song but I just love the sound of it a lot more than the other songs that were used. I guess it's the "korean ballad" enthusiast in me that just dying for a good ballad but just didn't find any....

This one did grow on me haha. It would play whenever Chae Seong Yin and Seo Jeong Hoo would have an event or moment that would tests their trust in each other. Which ultimately they do have more trust in each other than the enemies, but it's a nice song nonetheless.

Okay okay this one sounds pretty nice too now that I really listen to it. Haha. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to the songs playing in the background cuz I was so absorbed by what was happening? Ever been so captivated by a drama that it actually affects your moods and interactions with other people? Let's take a trip down memory lane to one of the first dramas I watched online, "Devil Beside You". Man did I fall in love with Mike He x Rainie Yang. I just loved that drama so much that I was in a funk whenever I was outside of my room NOT on my laptop watching it. Like a serious funk. I wouldn't do anything besides anticipate how long it'll be before I can return to my room and continue watching. But I think now I'm a little bit better than before. However I still do get stuck in mind funks occasionally. Like if I were watching a super serious and anger filled scene, it would affect me and cause me to be a bit more hostile towards others. But I know the switch is inside me and most of the time I just flip it on or off to return me to reality and signal to myself that a drama is not the real world. Whew that turned into a whole psychological analysis into my drama watching habits haha. Sorry about that. Anyway onto the next OST!

This one is such an upbeat song! You could listen to it and feel instantly better no matter what you're doing! It makes me feel like skipping through a meadow. Even though I don't like places where there are a lot of bugs hee.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Healer: Series Overview

A happy ending for a pretty awesome spy drama! Fell in love with Ji Chang Wook all over again hehe.

  Episode 14 ended with a sweet reunion kiss between the leads! SY (Seong Yin) was contacted by Ahjumma (Jo In Ja?) and given the location of his secret base to go and find him and get him out of his depression because he hadn't contacted anyone since the death of his teacher. After much searching, SY found SH and cuddled with him because he was cold (I guess his base doesn't have a heater). When he awoke, he wanted her to leave since he felt that he would put her in danger but SY's stubbornness overcame his and he let her stay. Ahhhh I just squealed with happiness at their love for each other and how they can always count on each other for support through hard times.

Hehe he is soo in love with her. Like a lovesick puppy. He has his "Healer" badass moments and also his Park Bong Soo moments where it's like he's a newborn to interacting with society (which pretty much is given his history)

Lovey dovey. So clingy he can't even stop hugging her while she's trying to cook.

The cutie even begged her to let him ride one stop on the bus with her. Ahhh if this isn't true love I don't know what is.

And this cute moment where JH and SY are literally chilling in the Elder's base just because they are that awesome. Good thing SY is headstrong and didn't wait for the police to receive a warrant yet before storming into the place looking for JH. And here she finds him in Elder's evil lair knocked out by some weird incense. So they just let him rest and wait for him to wake up. How cute is that? I love how it's also a defiance in the face of all the evil characters in the drama, like ha we're chilling in YOUR base. That's right. But of course the good guys don't win for long when Moon Ho's brother comes up with a plan (or was it the Elder's plan) to sabatoge their progress. Then Healer pretends to be a double agent and Elder trusts him (ha! with just one delivery? old man is getting rusty).

Monday, June 1, 2015

Current KDrama: Healer

Look at that smile!

So this has been on to-watch list ever since I heard about it! But I haven't gotten around to watching it till now. I must admit that my favorite scenes are probably when Healer/ Seo Jeong Ho (played by Ji Chang Wook) fights off bad guys. The action scenes are so bad ass! And his Healer outfit is pretty neat too if I do say so for myself.

Do you think if I were to wear a similar outfit I would look as cool? Hehe. Throughout the beginning of the drama, it felt very similar to the kdrama "City Hunter" and what a coincidence, since Park Min Young was in both! But now that we've gotten farther along the story line (currently on episode 14) it turns out that it's not so. 

Looking hella fine. We got our shirtless scene in the first episode!! As he was changing to go and be the Healer.
But sorry even his fine abs cannot hold my interest in the drama. I'm still watching it but it's just that it doesn't hold my interest like "Kill Me Heal Me" did. Now THAT was a great drama! Maybe it's the fact that the female lead, Chae Seong Yin, is kept in the dark about EVERYTHING and she just has to piece together and draw conclusions from the tiny tidbits of information any of the two male leads decide to give her. C'mon you alpha males. Just tell her everything already. 

I'm quite loving the theme song of the series. I like that they keep it short and sweet haha. Not really digging any of the OSTs quite yet though but maybe that's because I get distracted from the drama every half hour or so hehe.