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Monday, June 1, 2015

Current KDrama: Healer

Look at that smile!

So this has been on to-watch list ever since I heard about it! But I haven't gotten around to watching it till now. I must admit that my favorite scenes are probably when Healer/ Seo Jeong Ho (played by Ji Chang Wook) fights off bad guys. The action scenes are so bad ass! And his Healer outfit is pretty neat too if I do say so for myself.

Do you think if I were to wear a similar outfit I would look as cool? Hehe. Throughout the beginning of the drama, it felt very similar to the kdrama "City Hunter" and what a coincidence, since Park Min Young was in both! But now that we've gotten farther along the story line (currently on episode 14) it turns out that it's not so. 

Looking hella fine. We got our shirtless scene in the first episode!! As he was changing to go and be the Healer.
But sorry even his fine abs cannot hold my interest in the drama. I'm still watching it but it's just that it doesn't hold my interest like "Kill Me Heal Me" did. Now THAT was a great drama! Maybe it's the fact that the female lead, Chae Seong Yin, is kept in the dark about EVERYTHING and she just has to piece together and draw conclusions from the tiny tidbits of information any of the two male leads decide to give her. C'mon you alpha males. Just tell her everything already. 

I'm quite loving the theme song of the series. I like that they keep it short and sweet haha. Not really digging any of the OSTs quite yet though but maybe that's because I get distracted from the drama every half hour or so hehe.