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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Healer: Series Overview

A happy ending for a pretty awesome spy drama! Fell in love with Ji Chang Wook all over again hehe.

  Episode 14 ended with a sweet reunion kiss between the leads! SY (Seong Yin) was contacted by Ahjumma (Jo In Ja?) and given the location of his secret base to go and find him and get him out of his depression because he hadn't contacted anyone since the death of his teacher. After much searching, SY found SH and cuddled with him because he was cold (I guess his base doesn't have a heater). When he awoke, he wanted her to leave since he felt that he would put her in danger but SY's stubbornness overcame his and he let her stay. Ahhhh I just squealed with happiness at their love for each other and how they can always count on each other for support through hard times.

Hehe he is soo in love with her. Like a lovesick puppy. He has his "Healer" badass moments and also his Park Bong Soo moments where it's like he's a newborn to interacting with society (which pretty much is given his history)

Lovey dovey. So clingy he can't even stop hugging her while she's trying to cook.

The cutie even begged her to let him ride one stop on the bus with her. Ahhh if this isn't true love I don't know what is.

And this cute moment where JH and SY are literally chilling in the Elder's base just because they are that awesome. Good thing SY is headstrong and didn't wait for the police to receive a warrant yet before storming into the place looking for JH. And here she finds him in Elder's evil lair knocked out by some weird incense. So they just let him rest and wait for him to wake up. How cute is that? I love how it's also a defiance in the face of all the evil characters in the drama, like ha we're chilling in YOUR base. That's right. But of course the good guys don't win for long when Moon Ho's brother comes up with a plan (or was it the Elder's plan) to sabatoge their progress. Then Healer pretends to be a double agent and Elder trusts him (ha! with just one delivery? old man is getting rusty).