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Friday, June 5, 2015

KDrama OST Flashback Friday: Healer OST (Theme Song)

This is probably my favorite "song" from the drama! It's not technically a song but I just love the sound of it a lot more than the other songs that were used. I guess it's the "korean ballad" enthusiast in me that just dying for a good ballad but just didn't find any....

This one did grow on me haha. It would play whenever Chae Seong Yin and Seo Jeong Hoo would have an event or moment that would tests their trust in each other. Which ultimately they do have more trust in each other than the enemies, but it's a nice song nonetheless.

Okay okay this one sounds pretty nice too now that I really listen to it. Haha. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to the songs playing in the background cuz I was so absorbed by what was happening? Ever been so captivated by a drama that it actually affects your moods and interactions with other people? Let's take a trip down memory lane to one of the first dramas I watched online, "Devil Beside You". Man did I fall in love with Mike He x Rainie Yang. I just loved that drama so much that I was in a funk whenever I was outside of my room NOT on my laptop watching it. Like a serious funk. I wouldn't do anything besides anticipate how long it'll be before I can return to my room and continue watching. But I think now I'm a little bit better than before. However I still do get stuck in mind funks occasionally. Like if I were watching a super serious and anger filled scene, it would affect me and cause me to be a bit more hostile towards others. But I know the switch is inside me and most of the time I just flip it on or off to return me to reality and signal to myself that a drama is not the real world. Whew that turned into a whole psychological analysis into my drama watching habits haha. Sorry about that. Anyway onto the next OST!

This one is such an upbeat song! You could listen to it and feel instantly better no matter what you're doing! It makes me feel like skipping through a meadow. Even though I don't like places where there are a lot of bugs hee.