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Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's Okay That's Love: Series Overview

   A happy ending for a hell of a good drama! I just loved the relationship between Jang Jae Yul and Ji Hae Soo and how much they loved each other even when everyone was trying to split them apart. He had schizophrenia while she was a psychiatrist. I think this drama was the first to start that psychiatric theme for other kdramas like "Kill Me Heal Me" and others. 

   I started this drama waaay back when it first came out and never really felt the urge to finish it till summer break started haha. I figured since I was almost done with the whole series I might as well watch the last 3 episodes. I'm on that kdrama roll! I think I've found my next kdrama to watch or should I venture over to "Return of Superman"? Who knows hehe.
Onto my review of the OST!! I think I loved every song from this drama. It just fit the scenes so perfectly or maybe because this drama was a bit more melo that the background ost didn't fade into the background like it did while I was watching "Healer".

Okay so I got lazy and there are just so many new interesting dramas coming out like "Scholar who Walks the Night" and "Oh My Ghostess" that I want to focus my free time on watching those cuz now that I have a part-time job life is just so much more busy (in a good way since I'm not sitting on my bum at home doing nothing but rather doing something with my time)